Friday, March 2, 2012

My latest beauty picks. (preview)

Hello everyone! 
I know lately I've been giving the "go natural" speech too often, and this is a makeup blog, right? RIGHT! So I decided to do a sort of mash-up of the products that I really love, and some little trick that maybe you guys didn't know about. And ALL of my picks are bright and beautiful, so no "natural" look here! 

(Iphone and camera pictures are shown)
Hope you like it!


(MAC Ruby Woo; Bourjois Fuchsia Cosmopolite; NARS Heat Wave)

1. NARS Heat Wave

This is a perfect orangey-red, and I truly recommend it to warm skinned girls like me!
I am very pale, and quite scared of reds and bright lipsticks, but I think this lipstick just looks AMAZING!

It has a summery feel to it, but you can wear it all year round! (The red tones do their magic!)

2. Bourjois Fuchsia Cosmopolite

This just smells of summer!
This lipstick is pure summer for me, it's a pinkish coral that looks so amazing on tanned skin, that I just can't even..! It may not look too good on my wintery flushed skin (first picture) but you can definitely see those bright pinky undertones.

Oh and, they made it a permanent color of their collection, so I'm really impressed with Bourjois lately, and with their lipstick improvements! I will definitely re-purchase when I run out (although I started it in August and I barely use it because I save it for special occasions!)

3. MAC Ruby Woo

Really wintery lipstick, although you can use it in summer too for a more SOPHISTICATED LOOK, but I'm not usually drawn to those kind of looks during the hot summer months. For winter though, it looks perfect, especially when my skin is at its palest!

(Having SO MANY eyeshadows made me wonder... should I use eyeliner?)

 (Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Violet Ink)

 (Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Ivy Shimmer Ink)

To achieve both of these looks I just dabbed the eyeliner directly from the pot with my fingers, and used a brush to wing it out a little bit and blend it. No extra product on the eyelid was required for this OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD beautiful smokey eye! 
(I used my L'Oreal Voluminous mascara on my top lashes!)

I admit sometimes these can be a little overwhelming for an everyday smokey look, but for a night out?  It's perfect! They are fuss-free, you should put on some eye primer though, just in case it creases on you, though. 

Even so, sometimes, we girls like to take time to do a nice eye, right?

What do you think about these products? Have you got your own lipstick picks? Have you got any tricks to make your eyes pop without having to lose too much time?


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