Thursday, March 22, 2012

In my basket: Ciaté 'Oil Slick' and some Nails Inc

Hello everyone! :)

Do you remember I told you I REALLY wanted the Topshop 'Hidden Treasure' nail polish? (Yeah, I'm talking AGAIN about nail polish!) Well, I found an amazing dupe, and I will probably order soon! This is it, in case you were wondering:

(Picture by Fleur de Force)

The color is Ciaté in 'Oil slick', and I will order it online in BeautyBay, this amazing website that now has free shipping worldwide (are you still reading my blog or did you just go to browse it?) 

I discovered this site thanks to Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup, and I love looking for the most amazing brands and purchasing polishes I am not able to get in Spain as freely as I would like to! So this way, I get my polishes or whatever I order, and I don't have to pay ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING (0€, 0$...) for shipping fees! AND it's not a sketchy site or anything like that (I still wonder if the OPI Rainbow Connection nail polish I bought on eBay is a fake...), so if you DO buy something, you can be quite sure you'll receive that exact product with all kinds of guarantees and you can also return it. I LOVE BeautyBay, what's there to say. (And no, I'm not working with them or anything, in case my enthusiasm made it look that way.)

But yeah. I really wanted 'Hidden Treasure', and even if Ciaté is a little pricier (it's like 10.50€, and Topshop is around 6€), it is quite worth it, specially since, if I had ordered any Topshop nail polishes I would have to pay 5€ or so of shipping fees. You see how BeautyBay really makes you want to buy EVERYTHING there? 

This is the Ciaté 'Oil slick' bottle. HOW CUTE IS THAT LITTLE BLACK BOW? 

So, after all, I AM going to be able to wear this shade! Yaaaaaay. If you too where wondering where to get a dupe of Chanel's Péridot, but weren't able to get your hands on Topshop's 'Hidden Treasure', here you have it. It's Ciaté 'Oil slick'. 

And it looks (effing) amazing.

By the way;
I'm still dwelling on the Illamasqua polish issue, and I recently noticed Nails Inc 'Nudes & Neons' Mini collection carries a couple of neons that I really love (and the pink looks a lot like Collide, but I won't let myself be fooled again by swatches I find on the Internet.) On the other hand, the price is quite good, it's €19.30 on BeautyBay, but if I tell you the truth, I really love the neon shades, but I can't be bothered by ANY of the nude ones. I love nude colors, like off-whites, and pale skin colors, and such, but these just aren't my definition of nude, just muted colors (grey, camel and dark taupe), and I wouldn't wear any of these comfortably, I'm afraid.

(nudes: Porchester Square, Cadogan Square, Jermyn Street; neons: Portobello, Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park)

I think I might even be able to wear the grey one [Porchester Square], since it's the lightest, and you can probably use a topcoat like OPI 'Rainbow Connection' to put some life into that greyish color (I HATE grey, it's just the worst color of them all). But... I don't think I'd like the camel [Cadogan Square] or the dark taupe [Jermyn Street] with whatever I am able to put over them. They just aren't my beloved shades, and I didn't even own a camel bag until a couple of weeks ago, even if people have been raving about that color, it just doesn't suit me at all.

So, I'm thinking that mini collection through, because I don't want to purchase a pack of six, and just use three, although it's a good deal, price-wise. But I just love the neons, I'm afraid, so if you guys are interested in a nude polish giveaway or a swap, let me know! 

Another Nails Inc polish I've been eyeing lately is:

Baker Street

I think this is just... WOAH. This is a beautiful royal blue, but very bright too, which I love. This will probably be on my basket along with Ciaté's 'Oil slick'! 
You can find this one too on BeautyBay, if you're interested.

I'm a nail polish addict. Aren't I?

Have you been loving any nail polishes lately, following the bright trend? Do you know how to work with those nudes in the Nails Inc mini collection? Any Baker Street owners?



  1. Ahhh I literally posted about the Topshop Hidden Treasure nail polish about a week ago, I freakin' love it!!
    Its so pretty.

    I am also nail obsessed! I've got about 122 nail polishes! And OMG that Baker Street blue is incredible I will be getting that!

    1. It's a shame I can't get the Topshop one :( they don't ship Topshop makeup to Spain, apparently. But I finally found an exact dupe, even though it's a couple bucks more! :D
      Your blog post made me want SO MUCH 'Gipsy Night' and 'Play for Keeps'! I was literally looking for that kind of nudey pastel polish, awwww, damn! I won't be able to get that either :(

      I'm a nail lover too, I'm afraid, so you can count on me in the nail polish department!
      You're welcome, hun! :)