Thursday, October 30, 2014

The redder, the better

My collection of red lipsticks is getting ridiculous. 50% of my lipsticks are red, and I always find a new addition to that growing list. This time, my newest buy is All Fired Up by MAC.

Although it's a beautiful darker shade than it's sister Relentlessly Red, I can't recommend you guys to buy both. Here they are in comparison to Ruby Woo. All Fired Up is a pinker red and more muted than Relentlessly Red, but if you guys are like me and don't usually have the money to spend on every single MAC lipstick shade (Oh, I wish!), you will barely be able to tell the difference.

Both are coral-y shades of red, but Relentlessly Red is the kind of shade you wear in summer (it is a tad brighter), whilst All Fired Up can also be worn in winter or used as a pink stain without a problem.

Which one would you pick? Do you have any of these lipstick shades?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A day trip to Bratislava!

I feel so blessed for being able to reach so many wonderful places at a stone's throw from Vienna. 

For the sake of honesty, I have to say that although I really liked Bratislava, it's not a huge capital in which you can never get bored. The old part (pictured up and below) is beautiful but it isn't that big. Meanwhile, the rest of the city in my opinion is not something you should go out of your way to visit. 

However, for a day trip it's the perfect destination!  

Our trip consisted of catching a bus from Vienna to Bratislava, and spending the whole day in the old part, just eating goulash* and the most delicious brownie <3!
I wish I had written down the names of the places we ate in because for me they were truly blog-worthy. Both of them where in the old part of the city and I assure you that if you take a walk, you will find many places such as these!

*A wonderful hungarian stew that can be made from various meats although it's typically supposed to be pork. You can find it almost everywhere in central Europe.

I think Bratislava is one of those cities in which you need to just walk around and bask in traditions, eat typical food 
and explore!

Have you been to Bratislava? Did you like it? If not, would you consider visiting?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling in love with Vienna

Leaving everything you're used to behind is difficult. You forget stuff, you miss your friends, you miss the food you usually eat... But it's also full of new and exciting beginnings. You get to meet new people, learn different languages and get mixed up in confusing situations. Anyhow, going to live to a different country it's still one of the greatest experiences you can have.

And in Vienna, it's just too good to be true!

I've already been here for almost a month and I have to excuse myself for the lack of updates. You see, I've had to adapt but I've also been doing quite a lot of travelling during this month (Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw, Linz...) but more on that later! 

Recently, I was speaking with some other Spanish exchange students that live here and we've all come to the conclusion that once you come to Vienna, you set a very high bar! Even if you visit other places and love them for different reasons, none will capture your heart like Vienna has.
It's just too wonderful for words, very safe, amazingly beautiful and there's always a hundred fun things to do. Plus, it's in the centre of Europe so you can get to many destinations without having to spend that much time travelling!

I mean... can you blame me for loving it here?

Have you been to Vienna or would you want to go? If you have, did you like it?
What other places have you fallen in love with?