Thursday, March 22, 2012

OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips: review

Hello everyone! :)

My OPI 'Kiss me on my tulips' nail polish finally got here! But I have to admit, it wasn't what I expected, and I wish I said it the good way. You know, what happens with swatches you see online, is that half of those pictures have been post-processed, and colors tend to look brighter and beautiful. That's the thing, I was fooled into believing this was the ultimate bright pinky fuchsia, and I'm afraid to say, it isn't.

And the worst part is, even though I don't own many pinks in my collection (2 out of 27 polishes in total), one of them was an EXACT DUPE! Can you believe my (bad) luck? 

Even so, it's a pretty color, I can't say it isn't, but I just expected a really bright and beautiful pink, and it didn't meet my expectations. Anyway, here you have the swatches, (and comparison to my Bourjois dupe, in case you want to check it out!)

This is it! It looks pretty right? It is actually, but I'm afraid it's not as bright as you might imagine. Actually, I think in this picture it looks a tad brighter.

This is the Bourjois dupe I was telling you about, and I'm really mad I spent like 13€ or so, on some color I ALREADY had! (Blame it on my compulsive need to buy polishes I've merely seen a couple of swatches of!)

I admit Bourjois' nail polish, isn't AS BRIGHT, but it doesn't differ too much, really (there's a swatch below so that you can see how much they really look alike!)

This Bourjois nail polish is called 'Rose Vamp'. This isn't the cheapest nail polish I own, I think Bourjois polishes retail for... around 8-10€? Definitely less than 10€, and I think I bought it when it was 4-5€ or so, but this is a rather old polish and Bourjois prices HAVE been going up lately!

(OPI Kiss me on my tulips; Bourjois Rose Vamp) 

 The only main difference I can see when looking at both of these swatches is that the OPI nail polish just applies like a dream, opaque in just ONE COAT, while the Bourjois polish is less opaque, but probably with two or three coats it would be perfectly fine!

Overall, this color has really deceived my expectations of it, since I really wanted it to be bright and beautiful, and it just ended being one of the only pink shades I already own (and that I don't wear very often FOR A REASON, it's just not the perfect pink!!)

So, guys, I know I normally LOVE everything I buy, but I'd advise you to stay well away from this nail polish if you can, and purchase the Bourjois one instead (and I'm sure there are CHEAPER brands out there that make this pink shade, for sure!) This color is not a must-have, or something that you aren't bound to have, believe me, if I have it, you must have a really similar dupe in your collection too! 

I'm sorry if I didn't have anything amazing to say about this polish :( 

Hopefully, my OPI Rainbow Connection was able to save my nails from total boredom, and it actually looks good with these accent nails (on my left ring finger, my right ring finger and my right thumb; a little random placing always works wonders!)

Do you own this polish? What do YOU think about it, and how do you make this work for you?


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