Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Confessions in Copenhagen

I’m a terrible blogger. I am.

I have been on so many trips lately and have taken so many wonderful pictures, but when it comes to posting about them on the blog, I always forget. And then time goes by, and it feels stupid to post about a trip that happened months ago, doesn’t it?
As an avid blog reader, I find that most bloggers that I really like know exactly how to get their voice through to their readers. However, I never know HOW to do that exactly. Is it because English is my 2nd language and maybe I should be writing in Spanish? English is the language in which I watch movies, TV series, and also the language I use to read most of my books and sometimes… I even dream in English!
Anyway, these are just my thoughts and I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me through all of these ups and downs.

Right now, I am back in Spain and a week has passed since I was in beautiful Copenhagen. I decided to visit it by myself, so I rented a room through AirBnB. The apartment was owned by Sara, a girl in her 20s that was really fun and amazing (too many drinks were had the first night!). I am so glad I decided to come alone, as I feel I was also more open to knowing people from Denmark instead of sticking to my travel buddies as you usually do when you travel with other people.
Also, if you take the plunge, you better have a GoPro + selfie-stick. Best combination for travelling alone and being able to actually appear in your pictures.

The thing about Copenhagen is that it’s too beautiful not to visit, but then you will never want to leave. Coming from Vienna, I definitely know what a beautiful city looks like and while they don’t look anything alike, I am in love with both cities and I feel at home in both of them.

I spent the whole weekend walking around, since there aren’t many metro stations and you can walk for 30 minutes to get to the next one. I visited Nyhavn (the famous colourful harbour that is the most pinterest-y thing of Copenhagen which you can see in the picture above), the Kongen Have, the Little Mermaid (very symbolic of the city which you can see in the picture below), the Botanic Gardens, etc. But in general, I think Copenhagen is a city you have to walk around to discover.

However, I was quite bummed out because I definitely wanted to see the Tivoli (an amazing park which inspired Disney to create Disneyland!), one of the most important attractions of the city. My friend Sara told me that I should come again during the summer. It’s the best time to visit Copenhagen because of the flowers, the warmth, plus more hours of light… No matter what, I don’t regret coming here in January at all… and I was so lucky because the 1st morning... it snowed!

I definitely loved this city so if you ever think about coming, maybe do it in June and save a bit because it’s NOT cheap (and least of all for a student)… but definitely worth it!
After Copenhagen I was lucky to be able to visit Prague and Kraków, but... more about that in the next post! :)

xx Maria