Friday, March 9, 2012

Topshop nail polishes, I need you!

Hello everyone!

I imagine you guys all know Topshop, right? Many of you will probably have a lot of their clothes and maybe even makeup. I found out I could buy online their clothes and make them be sent to Spain, but they don't let me buy makeup! Which is a bummer, a real bummer, because I've been wanting to buy their nail polish 'Hidden Treasure' (which is an amazing Chanel 'Péridot' dupe!!)

I'm such a nail whore! I don't want to pay 20 something € for Chanel's 'Péridot', specially since people constantly say Chanel nail polishes chip A LOT.
As a last resource, I will maybe look for it on eBay, but it's way too dodgy and I don't like buying makeup items from eBay just in case they've been used, etc.!

Oh, Topshop, damn you and your strange shipping conditions!


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