Sunday, March 25, 2012

H&M duo nail polish

Hello everyone! :)
Yes, I know, ANOTHER nail polish related post. I've been such a sucker for nail polish lately. But I wanted to share the love with you guys, specially because yesterday I found an amazing duo nail polish by H&M for just 3 bucks, and THAT IS SOMETHING I OUGHT TO SHARE.

I already owned a nail polish duo by H&M, and I actually bought a similar one, but that doesn't mean I don't LOVE both of them. It's quite ironical, but my favorite golden foil nail polish is the H&M duo that I already owned, and even though it's SO CHEAP, the quality is amazing. But now I own the new generation of duo nail polish (the packaging is way better), I think they also made their formula a little more opaque and less prone to showing strokes and other marks. 

I wasn't able to swatch it on my own nails because I am wearing still my OPI 'Kiss me on my tulips' and OPI 'Rainbow connection' (as accents). I am so lazy, and taking off glitters is such a long and boring process, I will just stick to these, even though I'm crazy in love with my H&M nude polish (THIS IS A NUDE POLISH, NAILS INC), and I really want to try it out!!

The first duo (top) is called "GOLDEN NAILS" which is quite appropriate since it has the most beautiful golden foil polish I have ever tried (and I have like... four of them, and more expensive), and it is paired with an amazingly beautiful bluish toned purple polish which goes on like a dream. As you can see, the packaging is really battered, and it's sometimes a little hard to open, but it's quite a nice way to take nail polish when you're on the go. The only con of this nail polish is it's tiny tiny TINY  brush, but with great care, you can apply nail polish perfectly, even if it takes you a little longer.
I am actually not sure if they sell this duo anymore, or if they have started selling it with the new packaging already (I imagine they might've), but I guess these aren't really unique colors, so don't worry if they aren't available anymore. I just wanted to show you H&M's polish evolution!

The second duo (bottom) is called "LAVENDER FROST", which is NOT appropriate at all, since the purply color is not lavender, nor there is any frost in any of these two polishes. But whatever, I didn't buy this for its name, but because of its nude. I actually bought it thinking the purple tone would be the same as my first duo's. But apparently not, thankfully, because I like having variety. This purple is more on the red side, an aubergine color which I really like and I'm very glad that I got.  
The packaging is also way better, just look at those polka dots! I feel it's more cute and has less edges, which made the first duo look way cheaper. On the brush... oh, my, god. It's so much better! Very large and wide, it will cover my nail in a swipe, I'm sure. (Haven't tried it yet, as you already know, but taking swatches of the colors was a dream with this brush!)

Even though the second duo seems to carry a lot more product, apparently, they carry the same (0.3oz/10ml in total, both nail polishes).

Left to right: nude and aubergine [Lavender Frost]; purple and golden [Golden Nails] 

You can really see the difference in color between both purples in this picture. And the gold isn't a full on YELLOW gold,
it looks quite toned down and bright, so it goes with absolutely everything you wear, (don't worry).

 (Blurry swatches, yaaaaay!): Golden Nails

 Lavender Frost

Top: Lavender Frost; Bottom: Golden Nails.
Swatches and duos, side by side.

In this picture you can see what the gold foil polish looks like in real life.
Do you see the whitish yellow tinge? Not full on yellow, at all!

I definitely didn't think I was going to like this new duo, but I think it looks wonderful, and I really think you should try it out! I mean, it's 3€, which is 1.5€ per polish. They're fantastic quality, and have amazing colors. They can be worn for days without chipping, although DO wear base and top coat, because I didn't use to, and they chipped in a couple of days, specially the dark purple one. 

Overall, great quality for such a cheap nail polish combo! 

I hope you liked it, and maybe the next time you pop into H&M you will be looking into these, and maybe picking other shades I overlooked. 

Do you guys already own any H&M polishes? What do you think about them? Any other cheap but awesome brands we should try?



  1. WHAT! I totally didn't know H&M carried nail polish!!! I wonder if this is only in Europe? I'm not sure how I feel about the dual-ended packaging, but it really seems like a good price for two nail polishes! I really need to go to H&M one of these days. I feel like I always avoid that store because it always seems so cluttered... and busy!

    1. I actually don't know if they carry beauty products in America, but I assure you they're really bad quality, except for nail polishes, which aren't EXCEPTIONAL or anything, but they stay on for a couple of days and have really pretty colors.
      The dual-ended packaging can sometimes be useful, if you're travelling, but for day-to-day application, it bothers me too much, because it makes application much harder. But really, the price makes you think that you're taking away a 2 for 1 offer, and that is kind of the point, I guess.

      If you pop into an H&M soon, tell me if you were able to find these! I also think they do nail polish with just one color, and I hear they're very good too, but I haven't had the chance to try those yet. :)