Friday, March 16, 2012

On my wishlist... (part 2)

Hello everyone!

This is the second installment of my "On my wishlist..." post series! :) I've starting thinking lately about what kinds of products I really want to purchase, even if I don't have the money (ugh), or I might be willing to splurge on.

In this installment, I will show you a couple of nail polishes I've really wanted to buy for some time, and since it's the spring time, very spring appropriate too!
(I did say this second part would be about eyeshadows and eye-related products, but in the end I wasn't able to collect a big enough collection to show you, so the third installment will be about these, I promise!)

Well, I admit this isn't your usual spring color, but those peacock tones just won me over! I am JUST ABOUT to convince myself to click the "purchase" button on the Illamasqua site, but I just think: 

"Wow, they're so beautiful! But... two polishes for £13.50 is not an AMAZING bargain, and add the really high (£8.50) shipping costs, and that just adds up to £35.50, which comes up to 42,3€... and that is A LOT, for just TWO polishes. Don't you think?"

Yeah, that's what I think. And OMG, is it a beautiful color already, but will I spend 1/4 of my savings on polishes? I don't know yet (I probably will, clicking on a button seems to be such an easy way out of my dilemma!)

This bright pink neon polish is the sister of my beautiful "Rare", with all its neon beauty showing even from the bottle. I just can't resist bright colors, I'm afraid. This is the other nail polish I was going to buy, but... I mean, IT'S SO EXPENSIVE. :(

(Pictured by Temptalia)

It looks quite similar to Collide, right? Wrong, this is a very bright pink, but not a neon at all, I'm afraid.  And I think this color is on the bluer toned side of pinks, because compared to those pictures of "Collide" above, it looks way pinker!

The thing is, I have actually ordered this one already from BeautyBay, before I had started swooning over Collide and Viridian, but this one seemed to me to be the perfect spring color! If I hadn't ordered it, though, I don't know if I would have if I had thought about Collide a little before.

Even so, I am just really excited to see this nail polish arrive home. Come with mama! 

(Pictured by VampyVarnish)

This off-white with yellowish tinges has won my heart. In spring, I tend to do a lot of bright lips, and maybe even some bright eyes, and when I don't want my nails to compete for attention, I would totally put on a nude or a color like THIS ONE.

I really like this one, but it didn't make my Illamasqua basket because of my obvious problems with the price, and I really prefer Viridian and Collide to Load, I'm afraid to say. (I think I will be able to tone down my makeup for those beautiful colors. )

(Pictured by VampyVarnish)
Oh you beautiful color!

I love corals. Really beautiful corals like this one, but I'm afraid I have a really nice KIKO nail polish which is similar (not a dupe, though), but taking into account Illamasqua's steep prices, I think KIKO will have to do for now!

(Pictured by VampyVarnish)

If you know me even the slightest, or you have read a couple of posts on my blog, you'll know I love my nails BRIGHT. And neon is the brightest you can get, isn't it?

Well Gamma, is definitely that other sister, the third one in tow, after Rare and Collide, she's my third neon love. She still hasn't made THE BASKET (the legendary Illamasqua basket only few products are able to fit in!), because I'm not too much of an orange girl. I have a couple of cheapish (KIKO) orange polishes, which I love because they're great quality, but nothing like this neon, though!

Until I have a better financial situation, I think this beauty won't be able to come with me either! Oh, boo!

I hope you really liked my nail polish wishlist, because it has definitely given me a lot of ideas about what kinds of nail polishes I love, and what I am going to save up for! 
Are you eyeing any of these or other springy nail polishes? Tell me in the comments below!


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