Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To have your best hair ever...!

Hello ladies! 

I've always been asked what do I do to have my extra-long hair (more than halfway down my back) in such a good shape and no split ends whatsoever. I have wavy, dark brown hair, and it is very thick. 

(This was the only picture in which I thought you could 
really see how my hair is naturally)

The latest hair tip I've heard around is that washing your hair with horse shampoo will make it longer and beautiful.
I mean. For real? IT'S HORSE SHAMPOO, GUYS. I'm quite an skeptic when it comes to these miraculous things, unless I have tried them, but... for real??? Shampoo doesn't make your scalp skin make you produce more protein, and hair grows from the skin (some people tend to forget), so whatever you put on your hair, it will not make it grow FASTER. (Unless you take pills I guess, but I don't know absolutely anything about these other methods.)

Well I HAVE been asked if I washed my hair with horse shampoo, and I don't. I have also been asked if I have any sort of pill to make it shiny and long, and I don't do that either. 

I feel like people always want a miraculous method to repair the damage they have put their hair through for many years. My only useful tip is, and you might've heard this so many times: 


And I imagine you were expecting some big awesome tip that would save your life, and that would be your greatest secret? I guess, it might be, although not in the way you were hoping for it to be. 

I used to be a girl who didn't accept her really wavy and frizzy hair, and I used to wear it shoulder-length and ALWAYS ALWAYS ironed it flat. Which didn't work, because... I was not meant to have that kind of hair. And I had the most frizzy, burnt and damaged hair, believe me. 

So, after reading some article some years ago, I decided to EMBRACE my curls, and I decided to chop my hair ends, and let my hair grow, WITHOUT using a flat iron, or any damaging heat on it. And it did take a lot of self-control, but in the end, my hair grew so long and beautiful, I decided cutting my hair and washing it with normal shampoo would do the trick. 

I cut my hair (over the) boob-length every four or five months, and it just... grows. I eat a lot of healthy foods, drink a lot of water, never miss my meat and fish, etc. I believe having a good diet is also the biggest secret to naturally beautiful hair. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner (only, yes!) every three days or so? 
My only issue is that I have to wash my hair THE DAY BEFORE any big event, because my hair is very frizzy. It usually needs a couple of hours to completely dry and I put it in a twisted bun after it isn't too damp anymore, so that it dries the way I like it to!  
The twisted bun is a nice way of creating big waves in your hair without using ANY heat whatsoever! All you have to do is, once your hair isn't too damp (like I said) you divide your hair in half, and twist both pieces (direction: away from your face, so that the waves FRAME it), until you have two big twisty strands. You then put them together into a bun, and tie that with a hair band.  
(My twisted bun looks a lot like this one! Cute, right?) 

It's really simple, but I can do a tutorial of it if you request it! :) 
You can do this before a party (if you've got plenty of time), or maybe even after flat ironing your hair (I flat iron my hair two or three times a year, when I'm up for it, so I do admit I flat iron my hair SOMETIMES.) 

I hope my hair ramblings helped you a little bit!   


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