Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello ladies!
Using the lovely Ingrid's expression (Missglamorazzi on YouTube and TheGridMonster on her vlog channel), I want to present to you my latest acquisition:

Illamasqua nail polish in Rare

I have just ordered it online, so I can't show you any swatches yet, but I just wanted to show you what this bright neon yellow polish looks like! I am soooooo excited to put this on my nails! I love love love bright nails, and this will be the king of my nail polishes! 

I was so happy after clicking the "purchase" button, I wanted to tell you guys!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Damn you, exams!

Hello ladies!
I promised I'd film a video and upload it to YouTube. This last thing I haven't been able to do yet because I've been loaded with exams and my last exam is tomorrow, so unconsciously I have pushed the uploading date further on. There are still some things I want to get right with my video, before finishing the whole editing process and uploading it, because I want this video to be so much better than the last one..! 

So, I wanted to post something for you guys to know what I've been up to lately, and why haven't I done what I had promised. Hopefully, tomorrow after my exam, I will be able to finish editing the video and upload it, although I do not know how long that will take!

Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick skin tip!

Hi ladies!
As I've been editing the tutorial I filmed yesterday, and I haven't been able to rush this too much (I also have to study for my exams). I decided to make a quick stop, just to tell you a little trick that might save your lives! (I can exaggerate sometimes...)

Now, who doesn't have a pimple every now and then? (To say the very least?) And who doesn't give in to the urge to pop or touch your skin, making it a hundred times worse than it originally was? Once you're done, you wish you hadn't even touched it, because it wouldn't have swollen like it did. 
Well, I think I've managed to overcome my impulses fewer times than I didn't, so over the years, I have tried all kind of techniques to reduce the swelling and try to make it all disappear.

At first, I used toothpaste over those massive spots that never come out (and hurt like hell!) and overnight, this made them come out (if it was really massive, it might take a couple more applications) and it also dried them. But it also dried my skin, so I also had to accompany this technique with massive amounts of moisturizer and even sometimes, I had to wait for the flakes to go away. So, I do recommend using a dab of toothpaste on really deep swollen blemishes, because it does work, but only as an emergency solution, and try not to make it a habit!

But, currently, as I have fewer of those massive blemishes, and many more of those small but still pain-in-the-ass spots, I started using Aloe vera (that's right, ALOE VERA) as a moisturizer, because it deals amazingly with swelling (it's soooooo calming and feels so amazing on the skin!) and it freshens up your skin! Not only does it NOT dry your skin, but it moisturizes without the oily feel after that. 
I actually bought it from a pharmacist (it's not a known brand), but I am guessing Aloe Vera is available anywhere around the globe! 

(This tube looks very similar to the one I use)

Try this tip, because it works soooo amazingly well, it's cheap (I think my huge bottle costed around 8$ (5€) so it's really not that expensive!) and it soothes instantly any kinds of swelling that you might have! 
If you do try it, tell me how it worked for you!


P.S. I pair Aloe Vera moisturizer with Clinique's 7 day scrub cream (which also moisturizes, which is a plus!). (My skin is combination, with oily patches on my T-Zone and some dry patches too on my cheeks.)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first YouTube video! (Heat Wave "review)

Hello ladies!
As expected, I've run late with my whole Heat Wave pictures, and as it was already night time, I decided that I'd rather do a video and make it up for you, as well as making a fool of myself (just a little bit).

I wanted to apologize for my terrible accent, but it will get better in time, because it's been too long since I spoke to someone in english, so unprepared conversations (or monologues, such as this video) make me look really dumb! (Sorry about that, AGAIN.)

However, this video isn't an excuse not to post pictures, because I will do that soon, but it was just a little treat for you guys, for being so patient with me. I will also start doing some tutorials, but hopefully in better lighting. I will do one tomorrow (PROMISE!) as soon as I wake up! 

Anyway, my video has the worst lighting, but as I said, it isn't meant to be a full review, but just a piece of what you will see on my NARS Heat Wave review.

I hope you like it, and that you subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel:


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest makeup buy: Heat Wave!

Hi ladies!

This afternoon I took a trip to my NARS counter, which isn't even in my city (Elche), so I had to get a train to get to where it is located (Alicante) along with Bobbi Brown and MAC counters, which makes these trips always makeup-related, as you can imagine.

I actually wanted to check out the MAC Iris Apfel collection and since they only had the Daphne Guinness collection, I decided to wander around and visit NARS. Oh and, I must tell you, when I start to look at lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, etc. at a NARS counter, I can be there for HOURS (definitely not exaggerating, I'm afraid). 
And if you read Naomi Davis' blog (The Rockstar Diaries), you might've been just as inspired as I am when I see her infamous red lip, and she did mention using NARS Heat Wave, so I've been craving for it since then.

So I was there, it was there. Looking at me. Saying "please, please, please, buy me!". And what to say when a lipstick wants to be with you that much? 

"Well, of course, I'll pay 25€, gladly."


P.S. Swatches will be posted soon, don't worry ladies! Tomorrow I'll take a LOT of pictures when the sun shines, so that you can appreciate HOW BEAUTIFUL my new baby is.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 blogs you should check out!

Hello ladies! 
As of lately, I've been quite loaded with work, so I'm afraid I can't offer you any recent swatches or anything of the sort. However, I think you shouldn't dismiss this post, because wanted to offer you a list of the blogs I love, especially those beauty related. 
You've surely heard about some of them, but if you haven't, then I'm really glad that I was the first person to discover them to you!


1. Vivianna Does Makeup: written by an amazing british girl who wears the most beautiful and natural makeup, and gives the best beauty related advice. It's not only writing what she does though, because you can see how devoted she is to every single of her readers, answering their comments and updating almost constantly.
(I also think it's one of the longest beauty blogs I've followed since I started my little adventure in Bloglovin'.)

2. Bloomin' Beauty: great swatches and comparisons, and there are many products I am raving about which are listed and reviewed in this blog. I've been reading it for a couple of weeks, but I haven't managed to find absolutely nothing not to love about it!

3. Cute and Mundane: amazing swatches and reviews, which I always love about blogs. I'm not that into creams, and health products as much as makeup, so this blog is perfect! Also, swatches and pictures always look beautiful (something which I'm trying to work on too from now on!).

4. Delicate Hummingbird: it's a great blog with a TON of swatches and reviews! I do find that she does use pretty high quality and expensive products rather than drugstore ones, but I find that's quite alright and I haven't got a problem with it, since in Spain we aren't able to buy many drugstore products from other countries, except for brands such as Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc. (which means no CoverGirl, NYX, Sleek, etc.)*, so I do try to save my money to buy better quality brands. So this is a great blog if you're a big spender like I am! (If someone gets the Tiny Tower reference, that will make my day!)

(*On this topic, I have to say that I am able to buy drugstore brands from the UK, most of them at least, from online stores, etc. but the thing is that delivery costs make all the difference, so for the same price I buy a.. say, Sleek lipstick, or OCC liptar, I can buy a NARS lipstick.  So I never click the "Check out" button.)

5. Getting Cheeky: The first thing that hit me about this blog was the Paris picture as a banner. That, and the most beautiful swatches and reviews, which made it all that easy to me to love everything about it. I have to thank Jessica (owner of this blog) for many recommendations she's done, which have pushed me into buying some amazing products!

6. Glitter Geek: great macro shots of products, swatches, etc. which makes me long for Dior lipsticks, and many other great products, and that makes my makeup OCD (It's a real problem, guys! Nah, bluffing. But it seems like it is, though!) much worse! 

7. Into The Gloss: this blog, unlike those mentioned above, does not show different swatches or makeup products, but it features great interviews with beauty gurus and industry-related people, which is SO inspiring! 

8. Makeup and Beauty Blog: I can't put it more straightforward to you! It's the utmost blog for makeup cravings, swatches, featuring forgotten products (Unsung Heroes series, look out for them, some products have been truly underestimated). Once you follow this blog for long enough, you start feeling like Karen is one of your friends, with all of her playful pictures and insights, which I think all of us readers appreciate!

9. The Beauty Look Book: you must already feel tired hearing me say how amazing some bloggers make swatches and products look, but... seriously? Just check out this blog. (PERFECTION)

10. Last but not least, Will Work for Makeup: all sorts of makeup! Drugstore and high end makeup, although I love that Tiffany tells us about product dupes, because when I'm scarce in the money department, it's her reviews and swatches that I always look out for! 

I hope you liked my review of my top 10 beauty related blogs, and maybe you'll start having your own makeup OCD too!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kindle away!

Hello ladies!
I am in a rush today, so I wanted to update you on what's going on right now. I've just received my Kindle, and OMG. IT'S AMAZING!
(I'm not working for Amazon or anything, I assure you!)

In just 30 minutes I have bought 6 e-books from Amazon for only 35€ (40$ approximately), which amazes me, because I can start reading them the minute I have paid for them. I bought: A song of Ice and Fire (by George R.R. Martin) and the two latest Michael Scott books: The Necromancer and The Warlock.

I'm such a bookworm.


P.S. Totally recommend the Kindle, although I haven't tried other reading devices. I have always been someone who loves holding a book, but this way, my economy can afford many more books than it would have done otherwise.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From now on... (high quality pictures)

Hello ladies!
As you might've noticed if you've read my MAC Series: Ruby Woo post, I have tried to use my SLR camera to take pictures of swatches, etc. And you can really see a big jump in the quality of my pictures, so I might as well edit some of my past blog entries, especially my mascara review, because I think those pictures really lacked quality!
This way, you will be able to appreciate the effects of different mascaras (and other products in the future) easier than before (I mean, they were taken with my iphone, so I understand if you couldn't even see the difference!)


MAC Lipstick Series: Ruby Woo

Hello ladies!
I've taken a short hiatus from my blog I'm afraid, but I'm back! Even so, my exam period starts next week, so I may post more randomly than I would like, so please be patient with me :)

But first things first, today I would like to talk about a classic staple lipstick from MAC, RUBY WOO. Hasn't every single girl and woman heard about this beautiful red lipstick? The thing is I purchased this lipstick not long ago because I've never been too sure about bright red lipsticks working on me. And whenever I saw swatches of this lipstick, it sometimes looked more orange and other times it looked really pinkish. 
When I finally decided to go and check it out, I didn't like it under the bright store lights, it just looked to dark on me. So I didn't purchase it at first. But some weeks later I thought to myself: "let's try it at home, plus it's a classic, it can prove to be useful in the future!". So I finally bought it.

I should tell you about my MAC red lipstick history, because I now own FOUR red lipsticks from MAC, which are: Russian Red, Lady Bug, New York Apple (and Ruby Woo). And up until now, I didn't think any of these suited me, except maybe Lady Bug, because it has a Lustre finish so it can be worn slightly sheerer and looks quite fresh (will review on my next post). Still, none of these three (the ones purchased before Ruby Woo) were what I was looking for. 

Let me show you what Ruby Woo (Matte finish) looks like on my skin (warm toned, I have a lot of yellow undertones but I'm quite pale), but take into account that lip swatches contain no lip pencil whatsoever and I've just put on some balm before applying the lipstick, because matte lipsticks can dry my lips and they can look far from perfect. 

Light swatch of Lady Bug (left) and Ruby Woo (right)

You can see the shine that Lady Bug has (especially noticeable on the last two pictures) and how matte Ruby Woo is. We can also see that Ruby Woo is brighter, while Lady Bug is a tad darker and more orangey (you can notice this on the first picture). 

(Lady Bug, left; Ruby Woo, right)
In this overexposed picture we can clearly see the orange undertones in Lady Bug 
and the bluish undertones in Ruby Woo. 

Now, onto the lip swatches! I actually couldn't find my lip pencil and I was DETERMINED to do a decent lip swatch with this lipstick. But I'm afraid I didn't find it (I will keep looking) but I actually didn't need it to get a good application since it's a fairly new lipstick, so it is still sharp.

As you can see, this is a beautiful lipstick color, and it suits my skin quite well. I'm up for bright lipsticks, more than for dark ones, so that's why I really love this lipstick. I also like matte finishes, although I admit this lipstick can be quite drying without any balm underneath (and it still is with a little on, but it doesn't bother me that much).

My conclusion?
I am in love.