Monday, June 29, 2015

What's up?

Hi there!

I have been studying non-stop, but FINALLY, I have finished my exams! Yaaaaay

Taken in: Krakow, with my Nokia Lumia 925
Right now, I’m working at my father’s office helping around, which is nice for my curriculum but kinda awful for my summer haha. However, it’s only on mornings, so I still have quite a lot of free time!

On the other hand, there are some trips and things to look forward to planned for this summer, so let me fill you in:

¨     A short visit to my Erasmus roommate, who lives in Lisbon (Portugal), which is going to be so amazing! I will be going on the 10th of July, and we will also be attending the NOS Alive Festival, which I’m so excited about!

¨     A couple of weeks travelling around Russia (only St Petersburg, sadly), Finland, Sweden and Norway with my family! That’s kind of the highlight of my summer, really. I have always wanted to visit all of these places and I think it’s going to be pretty amazing.

Mmm, what else?
Well, basically my boyfriend came back from his Erasmus! As you probably know, I spent a semester in Vienna while he was spending two whole semesters in Warsaw. We still saw each other quite a lot (every 1-2 months) so it wasn’t TOO bad, but I still missed him massively! <3 Gahhh!


So now, having him to myself (and his friends and family too, of course haha) is too incredible, and I still can’t believe it. It definitely is true what they say, that distance can either break or strengthen any relationship, and for us it was definitely the latter.

I have a couple of posts prepared and I’m really excited to keep the blog going this summer, as it’s when I’m most inspired and have more free time, so definitely expect more blog posts coming more frequently, and hopefully soon with a schedule! (I REALLY need to force myself into doing this)
See you in my next post J !

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for the months of silence on the blog, I have had the worst semester ever, having come back from my Erasmus (I still have so much Erasmus + travel stuff to talk to you about!) and I've been completely swamped with so many projects and exams... 

Anyway, I am here today to write to you about the miracle worker that is Lucas' Papaw Ointment. Basically, this little guy does everything under the sun, well... almost! I have used it to treat:

  • Mosquito bites - I am known in the mosquito community for my sweet blood apparently, which makes me the ideal target for them. As soon as I notice itching from a mosquito bite, I apply some Lucas' Papaw Ointment (LPO) to the bite and usually by the next morning it's either gone or almost gone! Living in the southeast of Spain, this is specially amazing in summer.

  • Lip dryness or cracking - it doesn't feel AS nourishing as other lip balms that I own, but if I apply it at night, the next morning my lips feel soft and hydrated. 

  • Skin dryness - for example, on my hands, if I don't have any available hand cream, I extend a small quantity of LPO and it works like a charm (but it doesn't sink in as fast as hand cream, so beware of touching stuff right after!). Basically, I use it wherever I have a dry spot.

  • Itching - sometimes your skin just itches for no reason at all or you have a small skin reaction, and in this cases, I put some LPO over the affected area and the itch and redness just... DISAPPEARS. 

The tub also claims that it is quite good with burns (sunburns I guess), boils, bruises, rash (heat, nappy, etc.), temporary relief of dermatitis and eczema, pimples, splinters... and many more uses, which I can't vouch for as I haven't tried it for any of those problems myself.

I guess it's not surprising at all if my conclusion is that I would recommend this stuff to everyone*, as buying it in bulk on Ebay is very easy and cheap (I bought a pack of 6 tubes for 28€). Plus, if you are going on a trip, this is the perfect companion as it has so many uses and isn't bulky at all. 

*Always do a patch test in case you're allergic, as I'm not sure that this is a hypoallergenic product! 

Maria :)