Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Blogs

I admit it: I'm a blog addict!

I've always loved reading, and it just comes naturally. The problem is that I follow over +50 blogs (probably +100 too) and truthfully, only 30-50% of them truly make my heart skip a beat when they've posted something new!

But, you know, how and when do you decide when to unfollow a blog? Like in any committed relationship (romantic or otherwise), there are certain red flags:
  • You don't even remember why you started following them.
  • Just when you're going to unfollow, you notice you don't even know the blog's name. - So you'll be condemned to forever follow them until you remember!
  • Your interactions are becoming forced, and you stop wanting to read what they're posting.
  • You leave their posts until the very end, when you've read every single other blog out there.
  • You know you will always hold a special place in your heart for that blogger, but you know your relationship reader-blogger has reached it's expiration date. (Not all blogs have these, though, some are always a pleasure to read and catch up on.)
  • You've tried, you really have, but it's not working anymore.
  • Either the blog has changed its direction, or it's you.
  • It's fine, you know you'll follow a new blog soon enough that you'll really love!

That said...

Some of them deserve a second chance!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quote of the day

You know they say statistically one in ten people are gay. I dunno why in life usually things that are statistically rare are so valued, right? Like diamonds, or did you know that one in 5,000 lobsters is born bright blue and it’s so valuable. And if you’re a lobster fisherman and you get the blue lobster, you’re like “Oh my god, YES!

And I think the gay thing, should be like that. When parents get a gay baby it should be like finding a four leaf clover, it should be like “Oh my god, you got one!! You should keep it and you should laminate it!”

- Mae Martin