Sunday, February 12, 2012

Removing glitter polish: the tinfoil method!

Hello everyone! 
As you might have read on an earlier post, I recently received in the mail my OPI Rainbow Connection polish, which is a colourful glitter polish, which I ADORE. I must say, any glitter polish is quite a bitch to take off (sorry for the bad word), but it truly will be. Yesterday, I finally decided to take the polish off my nails, and no cotton ball soaked with polish remover was enough. It stuck and didn't budge at all, even my base color wore off before the glitter did. 

So I researched some alternate methods of removing polish. And I found the tinfoil method!

Now, I'm sure you guys have already heard about it, if not, I'm glad I'm the one who first shows you how this works. It's pretty simple, really. You'll need four things:

  1. Nail polish remover

  2. Cotton disks
  3. Tinfoil/aluminium paper/etc.
  4. Scissors
You can find these things pretty much anywhere, in any store, I'm sure of that, so it doesn't require any special device or anything of the like.

Once you've got these four things, you can start. You will start my cutting ONE cotton disk into five triangles, but I did these triangles in different sizes to fit both my smallest and biggest fingers. To do this, I advise you to firstly, cut it in half, and then one half cut it into two pieces. The other half, you will cut into three pieces, two of them quite biggish, and then a third which will be smaller.

Maybe you don't want to go into such a trouble, but I assure you with a couple cuts you will be done, and in this way, you will be able to do you fingers and thumb, at the same time, and then use a second disk for the other hand! :) 

I did this little diagram for you guys! 

Once you've cut the five different pieces, you will cut your tinfoil, either with scissors or with your hand (which I did), into five medium sized pieces, so that your finger will fit a couple times in it. And now, into the action!
Put a soaked triangle on each nail at a time, and after that wrap the finger with its tinfoil piece, quite tight so that the cotton piece won't move around. You will end up having five fingers covered in tinfoil.

Wait for 5-10 MINUTES, and you will have noticed a lot of heat coming from your fingers, because the body heat cannot escape the tinfoil wrap, so it will heat up the nail polish remover and make it much more effective. Once the 5-10 minutes have passed, pull every tinfoil wrap gently and pressing into the finger so that it takes away all of the polish residue. Even if you do this, you will most surely have some polish left on your nails, but with a cotton ball and some remover you can take off the rest of it without no effort! 

The skin might've dried up, it can happen (it didn't happen to me, but I have seen some tutorials in which the person (girl, woman, etc.) ends up with REALLY dry skin) it's advisable for you to keep some hand cream around.  

And that said, I hope you try this method because it's very effective to take away nail polish, although I do think that it isn't a good method for everyday nail polish removing because it will end up drying your nails  and is quite aggressive on the skin too! 


P.S. About the time limit, I think 5 minutes is more advisable than 10, because the polish will have softened by that time, and if it hasn't gone completely off the nails, you can take it off with a cotton ball and some more polish remover! :)

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