Sunday, February 12, 2012

My skincare routine

Hello everyone :) !
I've been wanting to do a post about my skincare routine for some time now, because I think many people want to know how you achieve a nice skin glow and minimal blemishes. I haven't got the most perfect skin in the world, believe me! But I think my minimal take on a skincare routine is the responsible for bettering my skin quite a lot these past months.

I have always used a lot of creams on my face, thinking these would help all of my problems: acne, dark circles, blackheads, etc. Now, on dark circles I have still no solution except for concealer, and YSL Touche Éclat has been my go-to for some years now, since I don't have MASSIVE dark circles, they're just a purplish tinge that doesn't look nice at all. As I already said in a previous post, I never had huge acne problems, but some years ago I did have a lot of breakouts. But I thought, if my skin problems were due to my pores clogging, shouldn't I use LESS products?

Right now, I'm a firm believer that less is more, and I just use three products in total, and just two of them I use on a daily basis. My skin routine goes like this:

At night, after a day in which my skin suffers multiple aggressions, I wash my face with Clinique's 7 day scrub cream (rinse off formula), which not also cleans and hydrates my skin, but it also leaves it glowing and BEAUTIFUL. I swear by this cream, if I had to only use ONE product for my skincare, it would be this one! 

After rinsing off my face, I use my Interapothek Aloe Vera Gel, but there are many different brands of aloe vera gel and they all do almost the same job! This gel hydrates my skin (it doesn't make it greasy or anything), and it also makes any redness go away, including acne swelling and redness, and feels so refreshing and nice on the skin! I also swear by this product, because it has many benefits and is quite cheap and available ANYWHERE.

In the morning, I normally just use my Aloe Vera Gel alone, but if I feel my skin has some more issues than other days (like a couple of blemishes here and there) I will also scrub my face with my Clinique cream. 

The third product I use, although not EVERYDAY is a cream for my really dry skin patches, whenever I have them, which would be normally in the winter because of the cold. This cream is Babor Cream. I really like it because it makes dry patches go away almost instantly, but I do not use it normally because it does leave an oily residue and my skin doesn't always need that extra oil. 

So here you have it, and I hope it was useful to you guys, although cream-lovers will be disappointed by the limited amount of products I use on my skin!


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