Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick update!

Hello everyone! (not my usual "hello ladies", I know!)
I'm sorry for the whole tutorial thing not being up YET, but it turned out I'm not that good at editing and made some really huge mistakes, which means I have to film the whole of it again because it was just way too long and, even making the speed faster, it was just above 12 minutes or so. (So just imagine how much time I spent filming!)

So I'll get to it as soon as possible. I end up making so many promises, and I have little to no time to do some of these swatches and videos, but I really want to do them for you guys! So I'm really sorry if you've had to wait too long, but I will start posting more frequently and trying to do absolutely everything I said I would!

Oh, and BY THE WAY, my Rare polish hasn't arrived yet! :( 
I hate ordering things online because you don't know if they've been lost or what, you can just keep your faith... in the postal service staff! 


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