Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RARE finally arrived!

Hello everyone!
You all sure know about my excitement when I ordered Illamasqua's polish "Rare", which is a bright neon yellow nail polish. But it was never in the mail, and I started thinking the mail people had lost it. I imagined my wonderful polish lost in the middle of nowhere. It was just too hard to imagine, without thinking about the 20€ I had spent on it. Such a terrible loss.

But, I'm glad to say,


Actually, it had been all the time in the postal office near my house, but the notification had never arrived (I think my mom threw it out thinking it was about another item). I found out last night, when full of hope, I tracked it and it was supposed to be in the postal office. Since I have classes in the mornings, my mom offered to pick it up for me today.

And here you have it:

I just can't love it enough. 
It's such a daring color, it looks even greenish without flash, but it's a bright neon yellow, and you can see how bright it is when the flash hits it, and it makes the light bounce back! 

I just removed my glitter polish from my nails, and they look so dry and fragile, they look like they'd break anytime. So I am willing to use some nail products to restore my nails back to being healthy and beautiful. I'll let you know what products I'll be using, and what kind of routine I'll follow. 

So, according to my routine, I shouldn't be able to do any swatches in a couple of days, but I'll probably do it on one of my healthiest nails, and I'll post it so that you can appreciate how this polish looks on the nails and how many coats were necessary to achieve an opaque look!


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