Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glitter addiction!

Hello everyone! 
Maybe I didn't tell you (I don't remember actually if I did or not), but some weeks ago I ordered on eBay a nail polish by OPI called Rainbow Connection. And I'm still quite scared in case I've been given a fake, because I've heard all of these eBay stories! (I HOPE NOT.)

But even if it is, OH MY GOD. The glitter is so beautiful, and when you look at it under any kinds of light, it looks as if your nail has been embellished with all kind of little sparkly jewels. Now, I have never been a glitter lover, but maybe I didn't know the RIGHT POLISHES. It's just like what happens with guys, you never trust any until you know the right one!

The close-up picture is not very good, because I took these pictures with my phone, but my camera doesn't work right now, so while I fix it, my phone camera will have to do.

In the second picture you can really appreciate the multi-colored glitter specks, and their are different sizes, which makes this polish look like embellished jewels on the nails. AMAZING!

It was Vivianna, from ViviannaDoesMakeup, who introduced me to this nail polish and she made me want to have it. You know how this makeup world works: someone loves something and then you're sooooo tempted to try it! And since I didn't own many glitter polishes (or any, really) I decided this should be the start of my new addiction. (I actually don't know for sure I'll buy many more glitter polishes, but this is just enough for me!)

What do you think of it? Have you tried Rainbow Connection? 
Do you know or own any other MUST-HAVE glitter polishes?


P.D. Please take into account that I put this directly over my navy-black nails, and I mean to use this nail polish on bare nails only! (It was the excitement of seeing it had finally arrived, I didn't even want to take my other nail polish off!)

P.P.D. I did some more coats and painted all of my left hand nails. Which means that... yes- my right hand nails are all navy, not glittery. I'm THAT creative.

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