Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lip balm addiction!

Hello everyone! :)
And as much as I love my colourful lipsticks, I think I could live without them (in case of emergency or apocalypse or whatever). This is something I can't say about lip balms. I need them in my life. And I know probably this is an addiction, because if I go a couple hours without lip balm, my lips get dry and start to hurt!

But there you go. I bought three different lip balms, each of one a different flavour and type: a lip butter, a "Born Lippy" lip balm (in a little pot), and "Born Lippy" lip balm (in a tube).

 Born Lippy Tube in Plum, Mango Lip Butter, Born Lippy Pot in Pink Guava

Lip Butter in Mango: it's the first time I try the BodyShop lip butters, and I'm pleasantly surprised, because they're not super thick, which I expected, and they are SO SOFT AND BUTTERY (hence the name). The little pot they had as a tester smelled too strong, but I decided to buy it anyway, because I LOVE MANGO. And thankfully, my pot didn't smell that strong, and on my lips it just gives a very pleasant (and strong, don't get me wrong, this smell doesn't disappear after application) smell, which I adore! 

Born Lippy (tube) in Plum: I just went to the BodyShop to check these out, since they're new! Sadly, some of the classic scents that I love, such as Pink Guava (pictured below) are no longer present in this new line. :(
However, this lipbalm has quite a citrusy gone sweet smell, which I really really like, and it gives a little bit of a rosy color, even though for the most part I'd describe this as a clear lip balm. And I think the tube form is way more hygienic, so this is better for on-the-go. And what's not to love about the whole pop art vibe on the packaging? 

Born Lippy (pot) in Pink Guava: this is my all-time favourite lip balm. This scents and some others are being discontinued, which I hate because.. duh! This is the best balm ever, and has the best scent!!! But, luckily, my local BodyShop still sells them at a discounted price, so I bought one, ipso facto! 
And what can I say? If you are able to get your hands on one of these, DO! You'll thank me for it!

Have you got a lip balm you can't live without? Have you ever tried any BodyShop products you love?


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