Monday, May 14, 2012

Essie Turquoise and Caicos

Hello everyone! :)
I'm on a nail polish bender, as you will probably already have noticed! Two days ago, I received Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, which was from the 2010 collection and I purchased it on BeautyBay. This is my first Essie nail polish, I was so excited!!! And since my MAC Mischievous Mint fiasco (I really hate the color, I'm afraid), I was quite scared about turquoise-minty colors and how they'd look on me. 

So... What did I think about it?

For starters, I love the color, but I always expect extra brightness, and this doesn't mean the nail polish is dull, but if you aren't under the sunlight, you might not even notice the vibrant summery turquoise.

On the other hand, this needs a LOT of coats to look opaque, like 4 or so, or 3 thick ones. The first coat looks like a sheer watery blue that is completely see through, but I admit I even liked it sheer, so that's an option too! (See how I transform a con into a pro? Let's be optimistic, guys!)

1 coat

With a second, thicker coat. 

 3-4 coats (3 thick or 4 thin coats)

(Direct sunlight) 

 (Direct sunlight)

As much as I love it, I'll try to use it up and then CONSIDER if I liked it that much and if it's worth to repurchase. If not, I already have an eye on "Slapper" by Butter London, which I'll probably buy anyway, (just to let you know). 

Have you tried this Essie nail polish? Have you got any bright nail polish recommendations from this brand or any other? 


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  1. nice color!