Monday, May 7, 2012

KIKO City Summer collection nail polish

Hello everyone! :)
It's been some time since I posted anything new, I'm really sorry, but I'm starting to have a lot of exams, and my finals are just around the corner. I'm quite stressed at the moment!

But I didn't want to completely forget about my blog, because even when I stress, I buy beauty products, and I can show them to you!

This friday, I went into a money-spending craze, and spent around 70-80€, on some bright green shorts and a really beautiful embroidered top from Zara (both items), a black classic bag from Misako, and two nail polishes from the new KIKO summer collection.


Initially, I thought one of them (polish number 395) was a dupe of Chanel's Péridot and Ciaté's Oil Slick (which I will get eventually, when I save a little more), but I was wrong :(. It's a duochrome nail polish too, and in the bottle, it really looks very similar to Péridot and Oil Slick, but apparently, instead of a gold base, this KIKO nail polish has a coppery/antique gold base.

395, looks like a clone of Péridot right?

It looks gold too.


Flash shows us its true color! 
(396 on the left, 395 on the right)

And as you can see, it's an orangey, tarnished gold, kind-of-coppery color, depending on the light. 
My ring finger has a layer of 396 (the green polish) over it, as an accent. 
I really love the combo!

I also bought a second nail polish from the collection (number 396), another duochrome, but the base is a bright green and it turns blue with light. I think this probably is a dupe of OPI's "Just Spotted the Lizard" nail polish that has just come out, but I can't assure it, because I don't think I'll purchase that one in a near future.

Under the sun, or flash, this polish looks sea-foamish, which is nice, but I really think it doesn't suit me too well. Maybe someone with a cool skin tone will be able to appreciate it more, but I personally think 396 (green) doesn't look too good on me, whereas 395 (copper) looks really nice and compliments my skin beautifully.

So, taking that into account:

If I were to choose, I'd pick 395 over 396, anytime. But, if you're into blues, and you think this light greenish (under direct light) color will be perfect for you, then go ahead! My tip, though, is mixing both together to achieve a cooler copper, or a warmer green. I think the mix of both would be perfect!

Two coats were used to achieve this opacity, and since its duochrome, you can see the streaks, which is something I don't love, to be honest.

I'd give these a B+.
Nice formula, nice colors even if the color doesn't change like in the bottle.
Price: 4,90€ (a little overpriced for my liking)
These are LIMITED edition.

Have you tried any of KIKO's nail polishes and any of their City Summer Collection products? 


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