Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer's nail color

Hello everyone! :)

Just 18 days for me to finish my exams and be FREE, yay! Meanwhile, I'm leaving this summery nail combo with you guys, so that you can marvel at the brightness, and the fact that I didn't spend any more money on nail polishes (thank god, you might think!)

This is two coats of Nails' Inc "Hedonist" (reddish-orange) and a very thin layer on top of Nails' Inc "Bubblegum" (PINKPINKPINK), both neon colors. I reviewed both of them in a previous post, check that out in case you haven't already.

As I said in that same post, I expected Hedonist to have a pinky tinge, and it failed me in that sense, so I decided to put these two together, and... voilà, THIS was the shade I was lusting after!

Hope you guys like this combo,
will see you soon hopefully, wish me luck with my exams!


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