Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Models Own: Hedonist, Bubblegum, Fluro Orange and Tangerine Queen

Hello, my dear readers :)
The Internet is always tempting me. Firstly, I've been constantly looking at amazing pictures of Lily Melrose, also known as Llymlrs, and she always wears this beautiful nail polish called 'Hedonist', by Models Own.
As I went into ASOS' website, I saw 'Hedonist' was on sale! I got TOO excited. And then, last but not least, I noticed there was a neon trio by Models Own on sale too! The price of the trio was too tempting, 16€ (approx.) for 3 neon nail polishes, full-size! I had to have it! 

So I ordered all four nail polishes. And they just arrived, so... 
here you go, lovelies.

Thumb: Hedonist, Index and Pinky: Fluro Orange, Middle Finger: Bubblegum,
Ring finger: Tangerine Queen

  Hedonist, Tangerine Queen, Bubblegum, Fluro Orange

 Hedonist, Tangerine Queen, Bubblegum, Fluro Orange

 Hedonist: I really love this colour's brightness! Even though, from pictures I had seen online, I expected this one to have a pink tinge, and maybe it's the lighting right now, but I definitely see an orangey-red, and that's it. So after all the searching, I definitely can say I like it, and it applies well, even though I find Models Own brushes to be too thin for a nice application. However, I achieved this brightness with just ONE COAT. (They're all one coaters, except for Tangerine Queen!) -Dries to a matte finish!

Fluro Orange: I didn't expect to like this one, but it got me, with all its brightness with just one coat! Will be definitely worn as a pedi, but you never know. I love this one! -Dries to a satiny-matte finish.

Bubblegum: for me, this nail polish was the best of them all! One coat and full opacity on my nails, although I always put two just in case, to ensure the best effect. It is amazingly bright, you won't need any base color or anything (none of them will), and it dries to a kind of matte finish, but as I'm not a big fan, I just put my shiny KIKO topcoat over, and I'm good to go!
[BTW: I bought this one as a substitute for Illamasqua's 'Collide'. I don't really know if they're dupes or not, but in swatches they do look similar!]

Tangerine Queen: oh, I wanted to like you, TQ! On pictures, it looked a little like Models Own Beach Party, but it's more orange, like this kind of orangey yellow, and I don't think I can really pull it off. But that said, I think it can be a great tan colour. Even though, I have to point out that this one applies so STREAKY, you just can't imagine. So 2-4 coats, depending on how thin coats are, to even it out. However, as the brush doesn't help too much either, I think this polish can't make it to my top list, and will probably be forgotten in my nail polish drawer :(.

You can see the matte finish on the pictures below, specially on Tangerine Queen:

Have you tried any Models Own nail polish you'd like to recommend? Any of you have any neon polish that you really really love? 


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