Monday, April 23, 2012

The ugly truth

Hello everyone! :)

I'm sorry if you were expecting a beauty post, but right now, I just wanted to thank you guys, who visit me, leave comments, and generally make me want to post (every now and then, I know)!

I also wanted to make amends, because I know I always say I have a tutorial on its way, and I have actually filmed more than five, but the editing stage just makes me want to cry, and also, you might laugh about this... But I'm so obsessed about my accent being too funny for you guys!


I know, right? I'm spanish, so I have to have an accent, but after attending a british school for my whole life, and reading books in english, watching TV series in english, and doing EVERYTHING in english, even blogging... I admit I haven't talked to someone in english for A LONG TIME (1 yr or so), so I'm losing the capacity of fluid speech, and I'm so embarrassed when I see my self blabbing to my computer camera (which isn't as good as HD cameras, I know, I'm sorry about that too!)

So... mainly I wanted to tell you more or less about these little issues I have encountered with the whole tutorial thingy. Hopefully, I will be able to overcome my embarrassment, and post a couple (of the ones I have already filmed) on YouTube, and if there's positive feedback, there'll be more!

(This embarrassment was not diminished when a friend of mine found my first video, and started laughing at me... You know guys, they don't know the first thing about lipstick, and they find it really funny. Poor guy.) Even so, I deleted the video, because I thought the quality was really poor, and I wanted to post nice videos from the start, so I'll re-do that video later on.

Hopefully you'll understand, and won't judge me for not keeping my promises at the moment.


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