Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Glow (in "Rose Gold")

I don't know about you guys, but lately I've been all about the natural but enhanced look. And as a makeup lover, it was very strange for me not to own a highlighter. After researching and having a look at hundreds (literally) of swatches, I decided to take the plunge and buy Jemma Kidd's All Over Radiance Glow in "Rose Gold"(on BeautyBay).

If you often read beauty blogs, you'll have heard about this before for sure! :) It's an amazing highlighter, natural but at the same time achieves the effect of a bronzed goddess. At least it does for me! 

Rose Gold is more of a yellow-rosy gold (kind of obvious), while Ice Gold is more whitish gold rather than yellow gold. So, taking that into account, if you have warm undertones you should go for Rose Gold. However, you can have warm undertones and in winter, if you're as pale as I am, you might prefer Ice Gold because it can match better your complexion in the colder months. 
That's for you to decide, lovelies! 

Focus! Damn, focus!

The packaging is a matte black, very simple and classy, and it fits in my palm. It's not a chunky packaging, so it will fit in any purse if you need to take it with you!

(Natural light)

My camera insisted on not focusing! 
Under flash light, you can see the shimmer, that is very finely milled and gives light wherever you put it on, but no chunky glitter or shimmer will make you look as a disco ball, don't worry. 


You can see I'm very pale, yet it looks great with my yellow undertones, so it doesn't look fake or noticeable at all. 

(Natural light)

Even under natural light (not direct sunlight) you can definitely see the glow that this gives to the skin. This isn't supposed to be a very shiny highlight, because we don't want to look fake or too overdone, that's why I think this highlight is the perfect product if you want a more natural look. 
Definitely, it's soft focused, on the face it just gives light where you want to create some more dimension, and it looks downright beautiful.

Do I recommend this product?
Hell, yes. It's amazing! 
€20.60/ £16.63/$26.10 on BeautyBay

Have you ever tried any Jemma Kidd products? Any fans of the All Over Radiance Glow? Comment below and let me know about any beautiful highlighter you think is your Holy Grail product!


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