Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Butter London: Slapper

As I plan on buying a couple of Butter London nail polishes in the near future, even if they're not what you'd call CHEAP, I am willing to make a kind of series reviewing each of them. It won't be a continuous series, because I will post about different things in between.

My first "taste" of Butter London's nail polishes was "Slapper", described by the brand as "a truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright." And I can say, absolutely everything about this is right!

 MAC Mischievous Mint; Butter London Slapper; KIKO 342

MAC Mischievous Mint; Butter London Slapper; KIKO 342
Oops, finger prints!

Even if KIKO 342 and Slapper look alike, I assure you Slapper is a lot greener while KIKO is quite a blue toned polish with some green here and there. Butter London's Slapper is the true teal. 
Mischievous Mint is a LOT lighter than the other ones, and even if in the swatch it looks greenish, once on the nail, it looks like a very light baby blue, which doesn't suit me at all, I have to say. It's NOT a dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple, which I don't own, but I've seen enough swatches to notice it has the green tinge Mischievous Mint lacks.

 It is has a bit of green that doesn't show up on camera,
but at least you can see the brightness it has!

 Two coats
Indoors, with flash. 

I wasn't able to take pictures under direct sunlight but flash pictures can give you a pretty good idea of what this polish looks like, even if it didn't manage to capture right the greenish tinge it has in real life.

Butter London's "Slapper": ever since I heard about this brand, I knew they were going to be my new obsession! And I searched for the perfect teal for years, but I think I finally found it! This is a beautiful colour that is OH-SO-BRIGHT, and perfect for summer (and winter, I'm not one to follow seasonal trends, actually)! 

It applies like a dream, although one coat doesn't give you the required opacity, two will be perfect, although I normally always apply three for extra opacity, if you know what I mean. In these pictures, my nails have two coats. Once dry, it has a LOT of shine, so if you don't have a topcoat around, your nails will look just as perfect! (My topcoat actually created small bubbles on the nails... is that weird? I'll have to switch to Seche Vite.)

And let's not forget that it's 3 Free, which means there are no carcinogens in it. Yay! No toxic fumes will kill me... using this nail polish at least! :)

I was able to purchase it on The Beauty Booth, for a discounted price  (£10.80) because of the Jubilee celebrations, but right now they're at their full price again: £12. 
 It's already in my favourites!

Would I recommend this polish? Absolutely, it's a beautiful polish, and even if KIKO 342 looks similar to it in the swatch, it has a much worse quality, it's more watery and less bright. And too blue for my idea of a perfect teal. So, if you have the money and you're willing to spend it on a nail polish such as this one, do it! 

Butter London polishes I'll buy next: Trout Pout (coral pink), Disco Biscuit (glittery hot pink), The Old Bill (tarnished gold chrome)... and all that catch my eye, basically!

Have you guys got any Butter London recommendations for me? Which Butter London polishes have you tried and what do you think of them?



  1. Fingerprints ALWAYS show up in those macro shots, no matter how careful I am. Either that or a stray cat hair. Or dust. What the naked eye can't see, the camera turns into a forest of goo!

    I love the color of Slapper and it looks beautiful with your skin tone. Along similar lines, have you seen Dior Saint Tropez?

  2. Thanks for commenting! :D
    I know! It looks like such a mess, and I had just got it that same morning!

    I actually think I saw some swatches of Saint Tropez a couple of days ago, but I hadn't given it too much thought. I have never owned a Dior nail polish! Are they worth their price?