Sunday, June 10, 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse: Impulsive Fuchsia, Rebel Red and Hypnotic Red.

Summer is on us by now, and I can't keep singing and wearing light bright clothing, and makeup! By the way, I LOVE this ad:

It just makes me think about all the amazing things I want to do this summer!

And now, onto the lip products!

I went on a little trip today to a couple of drugstores, and I wanted to get the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. However, for some reason, they won't sell "Dating Coral" or "Aphrodite Red", which just makes me really mad because those were the ones that really stood out when I started looking for swatches online.

I did manage to buy three beautiful Caresse lipsticks, because they were on discount, so I got three for 21€ (give or take some cents), so that was really a bargain!
Impulsive Fuchsia, Rebel Red, Hypnotic Red

All of these are sheer and their packaging is a fairly sturdy transparent tube which feels quite nice, and I like the metallic showing through. Each cap is metallic on top, but a metallic colour that mimics each individual colour (shown in pictures below). They also are quite shiny, but they aren't sticky at all, but silky and smooth.

Oh, and they leave a beautiful stain on your lips after the shine has worn off, but it's not a budge-proof stain, keep that in mind. 

Impulsive Fuchsia 
(No flash)

Impulsive Fuchsia: this lip colour is absolutely stunning! It's a bluish fuchsia that looks really amazing when you're a little more tanned, because it really makes your eyes and skin pop! I really love this colour, and I will show you lip swatches in the next post I am writing! Take in mind that it's sheer, so if you're scared of very bold colours, this might be a formula to try, even if it still DOES pack a punch! (The cap is a bright fuchsia pink.)

Rebel Red

(No flash)

Rebel Red: this is a beautiful orangey-red that looks like fruit punch to me. Take into account that flash pictures wash out colour, so look closely at the no flash pic to see how this really translates in real life! :) I think this is a beautiful summer colour, isn't it? (Has a red cap, just like Hypnotic Red).

 Hypnotic Red
(No flash)

Hypnotic Red: this is colour is very different from Rebel Red, because it has this pinky berry undertone to it, which makes it stand out in my opinion. In the tube, it looks like a dark red, but it translates differently on the skin and lips! I'd use this colour all year round, even if it can be more of a winter colour.

I really love ALL of the colours I picked, and I really recommend you try them, because they have the most amazing pigmentation, and feel like silk on your lips. I think you will like them if you love lip balms, or love fuss-free lipstick application that doesn't involve liners or even a mirror, because these are just perfect to put on wherever you are, and they will look nice no matter what. If you're one for matte lipsticks and long lasting lip products, then these aren't for you, I'm afraid. Take them into consideration for the summer months, though, as they are lightweight and very convenient on the go.

I picked them up for 7€ at a discounted price, but I think they'll be around 10€ or so? In the UK the price is £7.99, and in the US is $11.56. (Correct me if I'm mistaken!)

Have you tried the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks? Would you recommend other colours such as "Dating Coral" and "Aphrodite Red"? Are you willing to give these a go?


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