Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick skin tip!

Hi ladies!
As I've been editing the tutorial I filmed yesterday, and I haven't been able to rush this too much (I also have to study for my exams). I decided to make a quick stop, just to tell you a little trick that might save your lives! (I can exaggerate sometimes...)

Now, who doesn't have a pimple every now and then? (To say the very least?) And who doesn't give in to the urge to pop or touch your skin, making it a hundred times worse than it originally was? Once you're done, you wish you hadn't even touched it, because it wouldn't have swollen like it did. 
Well, I think I've managed to overcome my impulses fewer times than I didn't, so over the years, I have tried all kind of techniques to reduce the swelling and try to make it all disappear.

At first, I used toothpaste over those massive spots that never come out (and hurt like hell!) and overnight, this made them come out (if it was really massive, it might take a couple more applications) and it also dried them. But it also dried my skin, so I also had to accompany this technique with massive amounts of moisturizer and even sometimes, I had to wait for the flakes to go away. So, I do recommend using a dab of toothpaste on really deep swollen blemishes, because it does work, but only as an emergency solution, and try not to make it a habit!

But, currently, as I have fewer of those massive blemishes, and many more of those small but still pain-in-the-ass spots, I started using Aloe vera (that's right, ALOE VERA) as a moisturizer, because it deals amazingly with swelling (it's soooooo calming and feels so amazing on the skin!) and it freshens up your skin! Not only does it NOT dry your skin, but it moisturizes without the oily feel after that. 
I actually bought it from a pharmacist (it's not a known brand), but I am guessing Aloe Vera is available anywhere around the globe! 

(This tube looks very similar to the one I use)

Try this tip, because it works soooo amazingly well, it's cheap (I think my huge bottle costed around 8$ (5€) so it's really not that expensive!) and it soothes instantly any kinds of swelling that you might have! 
If you do try it, tell me how it worked for you!


P.S. I pair Aloe Vera moisturizer with Clinique's 7 day scrub cream (which also moisturizes, which is a plus!). (My skin is combination, with oily patches on my T-Zone and some dry patches too on my cheeks.)

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