Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first YouTube video! (Heat Wave "review)

Hello ladies!
As expected, I've run late with my whole Heat Wave pictures, and as it was already night time, I decided that I'd rather do a video and make it up for you, as well as making a fool of myself (just a little bit).

I wanted to apologize for my terrible accent, but it will get better in time, because it's been too long since I spoke to someone in english, so unprepared conversations (or monologues, such as this video) make me look really dumb! (Sorry about that, AGAIN.)

However, this video isn't an excuse not to post pictures, because I will do that soon, but it was just a little treat for you guys, for being so patient with me. I will also start doing some tutorials, but hopefully in better lighting. I will do one tomorrow (PROMISE!) as soon as I wake up! 

Anyway, my video has the worst lighting, but as I said, it isn't meant to be a full review, but just a piece of what you will see on my NARS Heat Wave review.

I hope you like it, and that you subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel:


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