Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MAC Lipstick Series: Ruby Woo

Hello ladies!
I've taken a short hiatus from my blog I'm afraid, but I'm back! Even so, my exam period starts next week, so I may post more randomly than I would like, so please be patient with me :)

But first things first, today I would like to talk about a classic staple lipstick from MAC, RUBY WOO. Hasn't every single girl and woman heard about this beautiful red lipstick? The thing is I purchased this lipstick not long ago because I've never been too sure about bright red lipsticks working on me. And whenever I saw swatches of this lipstick, it sometimes looked more orange and other times it looked really pinkish. 
When I finally decided to go and check it out, I didn't like it under the bright store lights, it just looked to dark on me. So I didn't purchase it at first. But some weeks later I thought to myself: "let's try it at home, plus it's a classic, it can prove to be useful in the future!". So I finally bought it.

I should tell you about my MAC red lipstick history, because I now own FOUR red lipsticks from MAC, which are: Russian Red, Lady Bug, New York Apple (and Ruby Woo). And up until now, I didn't think any of these suited me, except maybe Lady Bug, because it has a Lustre finish so it can be worn slightly sheerer and looks quite fresh (will review on my next post). Still, none of these three (the ones purchased before Ruby Woo) were what I was looking for. 

Let me show you what Ruby Woo (Matte finish) looks like on my skin (warm toned, I have a lot of yellow undertones but I'm quite pale), but take into account that lip swatches contain no lip pencil whatsoever and I've just put on some balm before applying the lipstick, because matte lipsticks can dry my lips and they can look far from perfect. 

Light swatch of Lady Bug (left) and Ruby Woo (right)

You can see the shine that Lady Bug has (especially noticeable on the last two pictures) and how matte Ruby Woo is. We can also see that Ruby Woo is brighter, while Lady Bug is a tad darker and more orangey (you can notice this on the first picture). 

(Lady Bug, left; Ruby Woo, right)
In this overexposed picture we can clearly see the orange undertones in Lady Bug 
and the bluish undertones in Ruby Woo. 

Now, onto the lip swatches! I actually couldn't find my lip pencil and I was DETERMINED to do a decent lip swatch with this lipstick. But I'm afraid I didn't find it (I will keep looking) but I actually didn't need it to get a good application since it's a fairly new lipstick, so it is still sharp.

As you can see, this is a beautiful lipstick color, and it suits my skin quite well. I'm up for bright lipsticks, more than for dark ones, so that's why I really love this lipstick. I also like matte finishes, although I admit this lipstick can be quite drying without any balm underneath (and it still is with a little on, but it doesn't bother me that much).

My conclusion?
I am in love.


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