Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest makeup buy: Heat Wave!

Hi ladies!

This afternoon I took a trip to my NARS counter, which isn't even in my city (Elche), so I had to get a train to get to where it is located (Alicante) along with Bobbi Brown and MAC counters, which makes these trips always makeup-related, as you can imagine.

I actually wanted to check out the MAC Iris Apfel collection and since they only had the Daphne Guinness collection, I decided to wander around and visit NARS. Oh and, I must tell you, when I start to look at lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, etc. at a NARS counter, I can be there for HOURS (definitely not exaggerating, I'm afraid). 
And if you read Naomi Davis' blog (The Rockstar Diaries), you might've been just as inspired as I am when I see her infamous red lip, and she did mention using NARS Heat Wave, so I've been craving for it since then.

So I was there, it was there. Looking at me. Saying "please, please, please, buy me!". And what to say when a lipstick wants to be with you that much? 

"Well, of course, I'll pay 25€, gladly."


P.S. Swatches will be posted soon, don't worry ladies! Tomorrow I'll take a LOT of pictures when the sun shines, so that you can appreciate HOW BEAUTIFUL my new baby is.

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