Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nails Inc 'Baker Street': a love story

Hello everyone :)!
I remember telling you guys that I had finally ordered Nails Inc 'Baker Street' on BeautyBay. It arrived some days ago, but I wanted to try it out first to tell you how well it has performed and how much I like it (or not, I want to keep the mystery). 

This is my beautiful friend, 'Baker Street'. Now, I don't remember the street, from when I visited London, but the nail polish is definitely something to remember! 
This cobalt blue is a TRUE BLUE, dark but still very bright, intense but still very wearable, and I think this color will suit absolutely anybody, even if you're the palest (like me) or have the darkest skin! 

The tip wear has been minimal in 4 days of use, but I consider that no chipping after the 3rd day means that this polish is very good quality. The top and bottom coat (I use the same product for both: KIKO's Shine Top&Bottom Coat) is a very important step which helps maintain the quality of the color and shine, as well as the time of wear, but I think the product itself always has a say in it too.

The veredict?
I am in love. If you love blues, then why don't you have this already? If you don't normally wear bright colors but are tempted anyway, why don't you have this already? I can't stress enough how much I adore this nail polish, and I'm really glad I bought it! It looks good with ANY nude or black or white clothing (which is mostly what I like to wear), and it can be pulled off quite amazingly with bright colors too.

Are you trying to decide if you should buy it or not? Is it worth it or not?

[I don't work for Nails Inc or anything, it's just an amazing color and I just want everybody to know about it! It's a hidden affair I want to make public!]


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