Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Robin

Nothing that I will say hasn't been said before. I wasn't raised with your films, but I have seen enough to deem you a fantastic actor. I had never known that you had a battle with depression because I would've related with you in so many aspects.

I'm sorry about your death, dear friend. Suicide is a choice that many people have been faced with, and it is never easy. People don't usually understand suicide and depression so let's say it's like a black dog or rather a black monster that eats you up from inside. It can make you believe you're worth nothing, that you will never go back to being happy, that no one needs you and they're better off without you. Sometimes you're distracted and don't think about anything, or you feel numb inside, but every once in a while you peek into yourself to just see if the monster is gone and it is frightening how strong it has grown while you looked elsewhere.

I am sorry that the monster finally took you but the rest of us will remember you as a magnificent person, one that was always capable of making everybody around you smile.

You will be missed dearly.

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