Thursday, September 4, 2014

Turkey Travel Diary - Part 2: Cappadocia

After Istanbul, we spent one night in Ankara. We barely saw anything (which is a shame) and there are no pictures of us in the capital. The next morning, our destination was Göreme but we decided to visit Tuz Gölü along the way! :)

Tuz Gölü is a salt lake that you can walk on for miles and find no water whatsoever (at least not in the middle of Summer). It's absolutely beautiful but be prepared: wear sunglasses and SPF! (Your skin and retinas will thank you later)

We finally got to Göreme. That place is truly a beauty! It's a small town, very touristy in fact, but worth visiting. The food is delicious and there's this kebab dish that is prepared in a vase that they break before serving it to you (I've forgotten what it was called, damn)... it was the best! (Pictured below)

We stayed two nights and had thought about getting on a hot air balloon (it's the most important must when you visit Cappadocia), however the prices were way too high and we decided to make the most of our only full day in the area... 
road trip!

During our small road trip, we visited the Underground City of Derinkuyu and the Valley of Ihlara, as well as many other towns along the way. The Valley of Ihlara is full of small, extremely old orthodox churches carved into the stone of the steep valley and is one of the most wonderful things I've seen in Turkey!

<3 M.

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