Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Models Own Utopia

At the moment, I'm preparing a huge post on my nail polish collection (45+ nail polishes in total, guys!), but a new nail polish order arrived a couple of days ago. I'll show you the rest in following posts, but my favourite is Models Own Utopia, and I couldn't wait to show it to you!

Models Own 'Utopia' is the perfect neutral nail polish. It looks very neat and nice on the nails, like you have them done, but not overly-done. It looks like a concrete whitish grey on the bottle, but once on your nails, you can definitely appreciate a lilac-pink tinge. At night, though, it looks mostly whitish. 

I think this nail polish is creamy, but is not streaky at all. It hasn't chipped in a couple of days, but I admit I'm not the most patient of people, that's why my swatches sometimes have some scratches, etc. (See thumb in the following picture) 

Would I recommend this nail polish? 
Definitely YES. Of the whole pack, I thought it would be the one I'd like the least, because I normally tend to love bright colours rather than neutrals, but this is such a surprising colour that it has made me fall in love. 
Even if you're not a fan of neutrals, I strongly recommend that you give this nail polish a chance, because it makes you look tanned, it goes with everything you wear, it looks polished and BTW, many men have complimented my nails when I wear this colour! 


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