Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nails Inc Juicy Sheers: "Henley Regatta" & "Chelsea Flower Show"

I never thought I'd be a fan of sheer nail polishes. I've always loved bright and opaque colours, but since I laid my eyes on these two on a random post I read (sorry, I just can't remember which one it was), I decided sheer would be my next obsession.

These two nail polishes are just BEAUTIFUL.
They are also scented, by the way! Henley Regatta (once dry!) smells like strawberries, and Chelsea Flower Show like oranges. I never thought I'd like scented nail polish, but I LOVE it (weird, right?)

The colours are sheer but intense. By this, I mean that once you've layered three coats on your nails, the colour is definitely bright but you can still see your nail underneath. As I said, I like this polish on short nails best. But, really, I'm a short nail lover, so I wear every nail polish with short nails. 

Henley Regatta & Chelsea Flower Show

(None of them were on my nails in this picture, by the way)

Henley Regatta 
(1 coat, except for thumb + index that have 2 coats on)

Chelsea Flower Show (1 coat)

Chelsea Flower Show (3 coats)

Chelsea Flower Show (natural light)

Chelsea Flower Show & Henley Regatta (3 coats)


Would you give sheer nail polishes a try? 


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