Saturday, July 14, 2012

Butter London: Disco Biscuit

Butter London "Disco Biscuit"

I am in love.

What else can I say? Lately I've been loving fuchsias and pinks, not only for nails but for lips too! When "Disco Biscuit" arrived, I was so excited I couldn't even open the box properly! (BTW, I bought this on The Beauty Booth, and they have free international shipping! Hallelujah!) 

For starters, let me tell you this isn't a very opaque nail polish, but it's VERY bright, so it's a combination I'm not very used to. It has the consistency of a gel, and it dries pretty quickly.

1 coat

As you can see, it's quite a translucent gel so you need to apply 3-4 coats depending on how much product you put on every coat. However, drying time is short so it doesn't make application a nuisance but more of a ritual. 

1 coat

2 coats

When it's already dry, it has a matte and gritty finish, which I personally don't love. But, don't worry, a coat or two of clear shine top coat (mine is by KIKO cosmetics) will do the trick. 

With a thick layer of top coat

As you can see, the colour is a bright pink/fuchsia infused with blue micro-glitter, which just adds to the sensation of gel nails, and you can't stop looking at them. It is a wonderful colour for summer! 

3-4 layers of "Disco Biscuit" and 1-2 layers of top coat

I have a thing for pinks, and I can't get over this nail polish. I literally sat waiting at a bus stop looking at my nails, that's how much I adore them! 
It is a bright and amazing colour for summer, really, and if you love brights, then you will definitely adore this. And take into account that, while there are MANY pink polishes out there, I haven't seen one to compete with how beautiful this one is! 

It's £12 - 15,2€ - $18.6, on The Beauty Booth, but maybe you can get a lower price in different stores.

Have you ever tried any Butter London polishes? Any recommendations? Would you try "Disco Biscuit"?  


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