Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My NARS collection

Hello ladies!
I have been loving NARS products since I discovered them some years ago. I own the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (in Montblanc) which is my favorite foundation ever, a couple of Velvet Matte Lip pencils (you can see swatches in previous entries), a lipstick (in Funny Face), a lip lacquer (in Baby Doll), a blush (in Orgasm, of course, it's an essential!), a nail polish (in Purple Rain) and some eyeshadow duos.


NARS eyeshadows are quite varied and there is an amazing range of colors available. You can buy them in singles or in duos. Since the price of duos and singles isn't very different, I have bought some duos instead of singles (although I have some written on my Christmas list for Santa). 

I have only one cream eyeshadow duo, which is Burn It Blue, and I don't like cream eyeshadow very much because it tends to crease, but the colors are just AMAZING, and in my local store they had run out of the eyeshadow duo called Persepolis (which has similar intense turquoise and blue colors).

My favorite of all three would be Jolie Poupee, because it has a matte light lavender color and a shimmery beautiful purple, and both of them work really well and look beautiful. I think these pictures don't do justice to how pretty this duo is, but the close-up might give you a better idea.

My less favorite (although I don't dislike it) is Demon Lover, because it's a toned down color, which, if you look at the picture just below, looks like a muted version of Jolie Poupee. In this case, the purplish color is matte and the bluish gray is shimmery. This duo works very well for everyday looks and darker smokey eyes if combined with black eyeshadows or darker versions of blue and purple.

 (Burn It Blue, Jolie Poupee, Demon Lover)
(Burn It Blue; cream eyeshadow duo)
 (Jolie Poupee)
(Demon Lover)


I am afraid I'm not quite a person who loves having different blushes, because since I found my perfect color, Orgasm, I haven't needed any other color just yet. Orgasm is a beautiful pink coral with some fine shimmer which doesn't show up but looks amazing under every light.

You can see the goldish shimmer under the light, but it disappears once applied on the cheeks.


I love love love lipsticks, but I have quite a collection so I only buy a new one when I think its color is too attractive not to have. NARS lipsticks are quite expensive (the same as eyeshadows, etc.) so I only own one lipstick, but it has soon become one of my favorites, due to the fact that the color is so BEAUTIFUL. I can't wear it on a daily basis, but I do use it when I go out with my friends or when I want to look especially nice.

(Funny Face)
It's a bright fuchsia, but I think these pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it really looks.


As you already know, I love lip products, but in this case, I raved about this product for some time. The problem is, it didn't look as good on me as I would've liked but the finish is beautiful and I think any other person might've loved it for more than I did. My problem is the color is too light for my pigmented lips.

 (Baby Doll)
Ok, looks at THIS! It looks so beautiful. I am definitely going to try it again, 
because I just feel bad not giving it another chance!

I am a downright nail polish junkie. I know, my family knows, my friends know. And that's okay. But I am a cheap nail polish junkie. I mean, I don't like to spend too much on nail polish, even if my collection is outrageously large. I haven't got any China Glaze, or Essie, etc. products because they're not sold in Spain. But most of my collection is Kiko Milano, and I have them in every color, every finish, etc. (I LOVE THEM) and they are quite cheap.
So, when I bought my NARS nail polish, I just did it because it was the most amazing color I had ever seen and I HAD to have it. Since my favorite color is purple, and I had no purple nail polishes, I think it was just fair that it was way more expensive than the rest of my nail polishes. You do pay for quality at NARS, that's what I always tell my mother when she says I buy too many expensive NARS products.

(Purple Rain)
The flash picture didn't pick up the pinkish undertones and shimmer of the purple nail polish. 
Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?

P.S. I'm wearing Kiko Milano's black nail polish on my nails.

(Last but not least)

I had never found my perfect match, because I have quite a pale skin but I have yellow undertones, and many brands haven't got a wide range of colors in the foundation department. When I tried out this foundation, I just jumped with excitement! It's my perfect color match and it looks amazing on my skin! 
The only problem I have with this foundation is that my skin is combination, so some hours after applying it, my T-zone starts getting greasy and the foundation starts moving around, with the result of having rubbed off after 4 or 5 hours after application.

I will not review the Nars V.M. Lip pencils because I have already done this in a previous post. About NARS, oh.. what to say? I am in love with all of their products. This Christmas, my wishlist will be full of single eyeshadows from this brand (for my Christmas list, check out my next post) and some duos I haven't been able to get before. 

NARS love to you all,


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