Monday, December 19, 2011

MAC Lipstick Series: New York Apple

Hello ladies,
this is the opening post of the MAC Lipstick series. (I decided to do a series so I could show you better swatches, more in-depth opinions, etc. about each of them individually!) Like always, in my tags you can see what kind of color I am talking about (something that can be somewhat tricky in some occasions), and I will also tag what kind of finish every lipstick has (in case you were wondering).

Moving on!

MAC New York Apple 

Tis' the season to be jolly!
And this lipstick definitely shows that, with this beautiful red color, but especially ALL THAT FROST! 
I remember hating frost, and I still do. And this was one of my greatest disappointments.
I bought this lipstick when I was 15 years old. I remember wanting DESPERATELY to buy a MAC lipstick. I had just started with my whole makeup OCD, and I wanted a statement red that would suit me.

As many of you might've done at some point, I searched for a red lipstick on Temptalia, where Christine swatches and reviews many beautiful colors daily. I admit that if I ever have a doubt about how a color will suit me, or how does it really looks (NEVER rely on its own brand's description or swatch) I reach out for Christine's reviews and swatches of the product.
The problem is, I found this lipstick, which is quite beautiful on itself, and it looked amazing on Christine too, I must say! But it is just not right for me, and I bought it in the MAC hype you might've all experienced at least once, and I was young, etc. 

My problem with this lipstick, is not only frost (which I thought was barely noticeable because of Christine's swatch of it, but I must've applied it wrong, maybe she used a lip brush and that makes it less obvious!) but it's a red way too dark for my pale skin!

(Oh no, it creased. Not a REALLY good application,
I'm the one to blame actually!)

 (You can't see the shimmer too much in this picture, 
doesn't the color itself look beautiful?)


(I know these swatches aren't perfection, but the sun goes down really quick these days and I can't take a decent photograph, so this is all I can offer you at the moment!)

My conclusion
I don't like this color at all because it wears so much darker than it looks on the tube, much more brown and frosty than I would have expected. I am actually swatching this lip color because I think you need to know what my MAC collection contains, but I have never even put on this lipstick to go out (not even to the grocery shop). So really, I don't like it.
Not at all.
It's a no-no for me.

Did you get that? :) Haha, no, really. Maybe Christine from Temptalia does have the skin for this color, but I don't, or maybe I haven't applied it correctly. I will post if I try anything new with this lipstick, but for the time being, it's just the great forgotten item from my collection!

Cheers to you all, I hope you're having a nice time,
I still have two exams to go! 


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  1. I'm actually very pale and i tried this little one for the first time some days ago in a mac store.. i really fell in love with it after the first swipe!
    Sure it's really frosty and sparkly but i want it to keep it in my bag for when i want a subtle fun hint of red to add to any kind of day makeup i have.

    Give it a chance lady, i think it's pretty versatile =D
    Now i just hope i'll buy one in a short time span =(