Monday, December 19, 2011

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black vs. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black (Double Review)

Hello ladies!
As promised, I am doing a MAC lipstick collection swatch and review post, but that will take me a little longer than I expected, and since I have been smothered in exams lately (I have one tomorrow, and one the day after that, JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS! What are they thinking, seriously?), I can only offer you a small but nonetheless practical review of a very talked-about mascara for the time being!

Let's talk about L'Oreal mascaras. I think the majority of us has tried one at least, and we can all agree they're not bad quality at all! I have actually only tried three... Telescopic mascara (it's quite raved about in the Internet, but I didn't like it too much), Voluminous Carbon Black mascara (one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES, will talk about it later on in this same post) and Volume Million Lashes (in Extra-Black, which I will review now).

Before reading more, take into account that I have just applied mascara on the upper lashes! 
Okay then, here we go!

This is my left eye with no mascara or makeup on, whatsoever. 

I have quite dark lashes, which are slightly lighter at the ends, and they're quite long by themselves. What I want is a mascara that will make them AMAZING, a little lengthier and more voluminous! 


This mascara was one of my first mascara discoveries, and it has remained this way since I was 15 years old. Actually, my original mascara tube was used up and I threw it away, and I started trying other mascaras with different results. My opinion? None could live up to Voluminous' high standards. Maybe DiorShow did some of it, and it is quite a good option, but.. hello? There's like a 20€ difference between both prices, since Voluminous retails for 10€ (approx., I think I found mine for 11€ or so), and DiorShow is nearly 30€ (approx. again, it's been to long since I bought it!).

Here are my lashes with ONE COAT of this mascara:

It looks absolutely amazing! Especially once you have an eyeliner on, because I admit there is a problem with this mascara, or with my application: I always always always mess up my top lid! Little streaks appear everywhere, but that's where liner works perfectly, or you can also use wipes to remove those. 
(Not really a pain in the ass, and once it's on, it stays put!)

Short little bristles, do your magic!


I have just bought this mascara (like a month ago or so), I admit, so I haven't been in the long-run with it really, since I am a fan of switching mascaras everyday and using what I have lying around as I am always in a rush!
But I wasn't quite impressed when I bought this mascara. I had heard so many great things about it! And so many are true, but people fail to talk about it's horrible smell, which you can still sniff for hours after application (and I am not a sensitive person in the whole smell department, I'll put up with whatever), and the AWFUL scratching the wand provokes! 
All in all, it's a great mascara, it does deliver a good volume and some decent lengthening, but those cons do make me think about using this some mornings, especially because when you have just woke up and are a half-zombie, you are not up to eye-scratching mascaras, if you know what I mean!

I think it gives lashes a spidery effect I am not quite liking, but I have to admit it does separate them beautifully, so you can see all your lashes! I guess it does do what its name promises: "a million lashes".

Scratchy little synthetic bristles, I hate you!

I think it's quite obvious, but I am a great fan of the Voluminous Carbon Black mascara to say otherwise,
but I do promise I tried both, and I have used them quite a lot! There's just things you love, and things you don't, but I do think Volume Million Lashes is a good mascara, but the smell is way too much for me! 

(P.S.: the Voluminous Carbon Black has a makeup-esque smell, for all of you who where wondering, and once it dries it doesn't smell at all!).

(P.P.S.: I will do a DiorShow mascara review shortly! Another thing in my "to do" list.)

Please comment below and tell me what you think about these two mascaras,
and do suggest new mascaras I should try!


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