Monday, November 28, 2011

My reading blog addiction.

I am a serious blog addict, especially since I discovered Bloglovin' and I started adding all my lovely blogs, and following some more... and more... and more.

Nowadays, I have unfollowed some of these, which stopped blogging all together, or who didn't blog about anything that interested me anymore. But I am currently following:

  • 1 Editorial blog (Fashion Rogue, I totally recommend it, does give some awesome ideas, but it blogs way too much for me to catch up, so I put it in a category of it's own so that I could read it separately from the rest.)
  • 6 fashion blogs (I know, right? Not ENOUGH, I'll have to look out for more.)
  • 15 cooking blogs (I'm a sucker for lovely cupcakes and simple recipes, although I don't usually recreate them at home or anything, but.. just in case, you know.)
  • 22 makeup blogs (Were you even doubting it?)
  • 16 unrelated blogs (lifestyle, personal blogs, etc.)
  • 13 photography blogs.
And that adds up to... 73 blogs.
I did warn you about my addiction. 
Hopefully, in time I will be able to lower this number by unfollowing those who I like the least, but it's so complicated sometimes to choose between them!
If you're a blog addict just as I am, please let me know what blogs you're following,
because maybe we can swap and you may be interested in some of mine!

Últimamente estoy siguiendo muchos blogs, hoy además, he decidido buscar por categorías, sin referencias de nadie, y gracias a Bloglovin' puedo seguir todos estos blogs, ¡y más!
Además, los divido en categorías: editoriales (1), moda (6), cocina (15), maquillaje (22), otros temas (16) y fotografía (13). En total, ¡SIGO 73 BLOGS!
Intentaré quitar parte de estos según vea que me van interesando más o menos sus entradas. 
Si sois adictos a leer blogs, y tenéis alguno que recomendarme, dejadme un comentario con vuestras sugerencias, e intentaré responder con algunas que os puedan gustar también a vosotros.


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