Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I have been M.I.A. for the past month or so, because I was always studying for my finals and 
I barely had time to eat, so blogging just couldn't happen. 
I'm glad I'm back now and with such an amazing product to show to you!

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet are my favourite release of the year! (And I'm sure they will be firm favourites of mine FOREVER.) Let's not get ahead of ourselves though!

I bought the next shades: Pink Pong, Hot Pepper and Grand Cru. I had heard something about this release and I expected it to be a dry and boring product, maybe even similar to the Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks.
I bought Pink Pong and Hot Pepper at my local drugstore (Druni) and when I tried them on at home, my mind was officially BLOWN


- They are the most buttery smooth and pigmented liquid lipsticks, and blow out of the water pricier options like Lime Crime and Stila's. I just can't define the consistency, but I'll give it a shot: it's soft and silky, doesn't feel heavy on your lips at all, it doesn't dry your lips at all (you can refrain from using a lip balm although I still recommend putting some on) and you can definitely eat without it going anywhere. 

- You DON'T need to wait for it to dry and mattify, because it dries at a slower pace than other liquid lipsticks (LC and Stila), which means that you can rub your lips together comfortably and the more you rub them, the matte-r it becomes. (Even if you don't, it does dry out in time but you won't feel like you need to stay still until it does.)

And something even better, it lasts ALL DAY: I wore Pink Pong today 12h straight, ate a LOT and there was no apparent wearing off or feathering except in the inner area of the lip. I fixed this by putting some lip balm on that area and rubbing my lips together, which mixed the lipstick with the balm, spread the pigment and it looked exactly the same as just after application. 

L to R: Hot Pepper, Pink Pong and Grand Cru.
Below: Grand Cru blended.

- HOWEVER, I had some issues with Grand Cru. It may be something that only happens to me (because the sales assistant managed to make it work on her arm) but when I apply on my skin or lips, it is extremely patchy and weird, which I definitely don't like. Nevertheless, I decided I was going to make it work and apparently if you rub the pigment with your finger/Q-tip/brush, it does apply smooth and it shows a very rich dark red which I'm completely in love with. (See swatches for reference.) 

Grand Cru: directly with the doe-foot applicator - extremely patchy!

How do I make GC work? I dab 2 or 3 dots on my lips and then I use my fingers to blend it (you can use a lip brush too), and I love the soft focus look it creates! Texture-wise, once blended, is the same as Pink Pong and Hot Pepper.

Grand Cru, after blending with my fingers.

About the colours:

  • Hot Pepper - bright orangey-red lipstick, the perfect summer pick!
  • Pink Pong - bright purplish-pink, fuchsia even. 
  • Grand Cru - deep rich pinky red, which I think might be very similar to MAC's Ruby Woo or Russian Red.

On my lips: Hot Pepper

On my lips: Grand Cru

On my lips: Pink Pong

In terms of packaging: they come in a sleek tube and you can also tell what colour you're picking before opening it (something that frustrates me about my beloved MAC lipsticks). The doe-foot applicator works extremely well, applies very evenly (except in the case of Grand Cru, of course, even if it's the product's fault) and precisely.

Final thoughts/opinion:

These were 12,99€ each (£10, 17$) , which in my opinion is an amazing deal for what they do. Oh.. I'm in love.. <3

I can't pick between the three of them, even if Grand Cru is a little bit problematic (although once you know how to work with it, it's a breeze!) I'd give all of them a 10/10! - Bourjois, you've done right by me! 

(I might have to go pick up other shades soon...)



  1. I'm glad you liked it, Marta! :) It is a beautiful product

    <3 M.

  2. I think the Hot Pepper one looks good! xx

    Anyway I've nominated you for The Sunflower Award on my blog - you can read more about it here:

    Have a super great amazing day and keep up the good blogging! ^___^

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