Friday, May 9, 2014

The Etsy Feature: Jewellery

I have an obsession: online shopping

I know I'm not alone in this, and I've recently tried to cut back because I need to save some money
(I'm going next year to Vienna - more on that soon!)
However, I wanted to feature some beautiful jewellery pieces that I had purchased on Etsy (which is by far one of the coolest sites to purchase hand made and personalized objects from)*


Thin Jade Resin Ring; Thin Honeysuckle Resin Ring

I've been loving resin rings and I just couldn't decide between all of the colours available. I've purchased mine from two different stores.

My first ring was the (thin) Honeysuckle Pink Resin Ring (size 5.5 - a bit roomy but doesn't fall off my finger). This is a clear pink ring with gold foil in the inside, which is what makes the ring an all-events appropriate jewellery. Price (wo/shipping): 34,31€ SHOP (unfortunately this exact ring is not available anymore)

The second ring is the (thin) Jade Resin Ring (size 5 - perfect fit!): it's a milky mint resin ring with some gold coming through. You can't see the gold as clearly as with the Honeysuckle one, but it peeks here and there, which I find is very cute too. Plus, it's the perfect summer colour and it really goes with anything! Price (wo/shipping): 24,66€ HERE 


I've never been the necklace kind of gal, but I decided I wanted this garland necklace because it is dainty, and yet makes a statement. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, even from guy friends (which makes it even more valuable, because men usually don't notice this kind of things!)

The garland made of brass with a gold filled chain. I really really like how it looks on, and I can wear it with anything which is always a plus! Price (wo/shipping): 28,52€ HERE
However I find brass is quite a b*$!# to clean, and it's already getting a bit dark around the edges which makes me quite angry, really. If you guys have any recommendations on how to clean brass, please hit me up! 

Have you ever bought anything on Etsy? Any jewellery shops that you can recommend (independent, preferably)? Are you as obsessed with online shopping as I am?


*I have not been sponsored by any of the shops, I only wanted to express my honest opinion!

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