Sunday, May 4, 2014

Skin Saviours!

Perfect skin is one of those things that everyone wants, I definitely can't claim that I have it, but I do have some great products that are perfect to achieve it!

These are great if you have combination skin

Avène Cleanance Moisturizer: I love Avène, it's one of my favourite brands! This product is one of my most recent acquisitions and I'm in love. It's a very light moisturizer with a gel consistency, but it does not mattify (a.k.a dry out my skin once it has set in). - 15€

Garnier Essencials Makeup Remover: it's a very light makeup remover that you can use for your eyes and lips too! It works like a dream and smells great. It's also very inexpensive, less than 5€.

The BodyShop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub: a great exfoliator that smells amazing. When I feel tired and scruffy, I use this to feel clean and new again! (Don't forget to moisturize though!) - 9€

Clinique 7-day Scrub Cream: a great creamy product with exfoliating particles! It's quite expensive in comparison with the BodyShop one, but you need less product to exfoliate your face. - 31.50€

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: an award-winning mud mask that really makes you feel like it's extracting all the gunk from your pores (gross, I know!) I usually put it on my spots, instead of on the whole face. I purchased it on eBay for 7.60€!

What are your favourite skincare products? Any moisturizer recommendations?


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