Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Blogs

I admit it: I'm a blog addict!

I've always loved reading, and it just comes naturally. The problem is that I follow over +50 blogs (probably +100 too) and truthfully, only 30-50% of them truly make my heart skip a beat when they've posted something new!

But, you know, how and when do you decide when to unfollow a blog? Like in any committed relationship (romantic or otherwise), there are certain red flags:
  • You don't even remember why you started following them.
  • Just when you're going to unfollow, you notice you don't even know the blog's name. - So you'll be condemned to forever follow them until you remember!
  • Your interactions are becoming forced, and you stop wanting to read what they're posting.
  • You leave their posts until the very end, when you've read every single other blog out there.
  • You know you will always hold a special place in your heart for that blogger, but you know your relationship reader-blogger has reached it's expiration date. (Not all blogs have these, though, some are always a pleasure to read and catch up on.)
  • You've tried, you really have, but it's not working anymore.
  • Either the blog has changed its direction, or it's you.
  • It's fine, you know you'll follow a new blog soon enough that you'll really love!

That said...

Some of them deserve a second chance!



  1. I actually just recently did a purge myself. I hate to think I'd loose some feeds posts because I am too busy scrolling through ones I no longer am interested in.

    But it is hard cause you always feel like the personal connection you have is with the blogger and you don't want to drop it.

    I liked the way this post was written!

    Eric Jess

  2. It definitely feels like a break up or losing touch with a friend, but sometimes you have to move on to better things, right?
    Thanks! :)