Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Custom Charger

If you're living with someone else, you might know the feeling of not knowing where your charger is anymore, or who might have it (if you live with more than one roommate or your family).

The issue occurred to me yesterday, when I couldn't find my charger, and as my brother usually takes it without even asking, I had to make-do with a 15% battery for the whole day. It isn't a tragedy, I knowwww... but I hate when people take my things without asking! Later, he told me he thought it was his... "but, dude... it was in my room!!!" Whatever. (I don't even say the word dude that often.)

So... this happened: I had to paint something on my charger so he and I knew both which was each. And this is my brilliant (not) idea, painting it with nail polish. But it's gold glitter, come on! <3

I used OPI's Goldeneye, which is one of my favourite gold polishes. 
But, you can mix colours, like... coral, mintorange... Go crazy!!! 

Maybe, if you're amazingly talented, you can even do proper nail art on it, 
like... drawing flowers on it. (Just an idea.)

I know most of you won't see any sense in painting your charger, and that's fine (actually, it's normal.) But I do hope it can make your life a little easier (like it's making mine!)


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