Sunday, September 9, 2012

Illamasqua lipstick in "Eurydice"

If there's a colour I love, is hot pink. There's nothing I love more than a bright warm pink, and whenever I see someone wearing a bright pink lipstick and pulls it off, I'm just downright jealous. 

Some months ago, I looked into Illamasqua's lipstick called "Eurydice". Back then, it was out of stock, but some weeks ago they emailed me to inform me that it was back on stock. 
The problem with Illamasqua is that, not only is it an expensive (but worth it) brand, but it also has very high shipping fees. I was about to cancel everything, when I just looked at one of Eurydice's swatches online, and I just had to click "Confirm order". It's just too beautiful not to own!

So that was that, 30€ spent on a lipstick. It might as well be the most beautiful lipstick, won't it?


And, I'm glad to say Illamasqua sent me four 15% off coupons, so I'll be doing some shopping there soon again! 

I first applied the lipstick directly from the tube, and then softened the edges with my ring finger. As you can see, it was left completely stained.

I'm an Illamasqua convert, and this lipstick is my new obsession!


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